Saturday, December 5, 2009

December 4

December 4

I went to sleep a little after 4 last nite/this morning/whatever. Better than I expected.

-juice box

I woke up SO dehydrated and grabbed the first thing I saw that I could easily drink in the car. Which, of course, means the little straw was missing. UGH. But I made do.

-reduced fat pesto chicken salad
-mixed greens with guacamole
-roasted red pepper flavored raw macadamia dip with pecan thins
-emergen-c water
-lots of water

so good.

-coffee yogurt

I meant to grab the almost expired pumpkin pie one, but again, I was in a rush, running late, so this was the one that made it to the office. Pretty good! My grandma is obsessed w/ coffee yogurt and wants me to follow suit, LOL.

-green beans
-large iced tea

My Mom ordered this for herself, but for some reason I was a lil hungry again, so she shared. *hearts* And we went to see my cousin, aunt, and Kendyll, 'cause we can't seem to go more than a week without seeing them!

she's such a poser lol she tries to purposely look diff in every pic, I swear
I have fat face in every pic from today, this was the least gross one, I don't get it *pout*

-1 full sushi roll (half of 2 diff ones)
-roasted cashews

yeah that's caviar. I'd never had it before. It didn't really taste like anything.

Then, my mom wanted frozen yogurt and a sushi place happened to be next door, so we popped in so I could get some to go. I read reviews on this place and every single one was positive, but I actually didn't really enjoy either of my rolls, hence why I stopped at half. Oddly my dad, a non-sushi lover, finished them off for me and really liked them. Strange. He didn't know what the wasabi was (thought it was avocado-y like guac LOL *shakes head*) and started screaming and said his eyes were watering like crazy because he ate so much. HAHA. :-x.

When we got home we discovered my cat had jumped on the mantle and knocked over the big picture + lots of glass (etc) we had on there and there was smashed glass and oil (from a candle-thing) EVERYWHERE. Then, right after we FINALLY got that cleaned up (which my brother claims he heard crash down 1-2 hours prior, but didn't think to check to see what happened. Thank God none of the pets were hurt...), I was making a plate of food for my Dad and our dog Blizzard jumped on the stove and knocked that over and more glass shattered. Thennn, for the second time this week my desk fell apart and came crashing down, and at the same time my dad ate that hunk of wasabi and was screaming. It was a loud nite lol.

-plain frozen yogurt with lots of toppings (fruit + unhealthy ones)

-kale chips

I think I need to season these differently or something. Everyone RAVES about them, but I cooked mine half as long as most and they still tasted a little burned and just..meh. I'm gonna give them a few more chances though, don't worry :). They weren't bad, just not omgamazing.

I thought I was over the habit of eating before bed, but this week has been a bit of a struggle due to hunger pangs. Thankfully, thus far just a little snack has helped tremendously.

-1 slice of lightly toasted gluten free white bread with a little crunchy pb drizzled with a lil honey
-about half a cup of organic skim milk

I also tried a tiny sample of the chocolate better n butter (basically a lowfat chocolate peanut butter-type spread) that I bought about a month ago. Um, chocolate pb? Really tasted more like licorice to me. Very meh for what I was expecting.

No real workout again save for a few tricep chair dips, crunches, and push ups. Nothing special.


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