Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dec 18-20

December 18
-a handful of cheeto puffs

-a half sized salad with spinach, tomato, chick pea, hardboiled egg, red peppers, green peppers, black beans, pumpkin seeds, green onions, purple cabbage, and tofu with a fat free tomato vinaigrette
-a regular tropical unsweetened iced tea

-a sample of the tomato spinach salad
-a smalll sample of the caesar salad
-a sample of the fettucini alfredo (terrible, fyi. don't order this at buca di bepo)
-a sample of calamari
-a sample of spaghetti with meat sauce (my mom gave the leftovers, which were enough for prob 10 people, to the BITCH who works for us who we all hate, I'm pissed)
-a sample of lasagna
-a small piece of white cake w/ chocolate frosting
-I'm going to guess 6 glasses of wine, but I kept pouring half glasses, so I didn't really count

ate all of the calamari, but only half of the rest

The only reason I drank so much was because nobody else was touching the red wine hardly and we got a HUGE ASS bottle of it (basically equivalent to 2 bottles) and I didn't want my dad to think he wasted his money, since everyone else gravitated to the chardonnay (blah). I'm sure he would have rather me just leave it though, or let the drunk asses at it once their second bottle of precious white was gone. Hindsight and all....ugh. I told myself I could have 3 glasses, but, well...oops.

-another glass of wine (?)

After the office part, my co-worker/friend took me to a bar w/ her and her boyfriend-- I didn't realize the bitch and her boyfriend were coming too, but whatever, and they got me another glass of wine. Lots and lots of drama ensued shortly thereafter, so I can't remember if I finished the glass or not.

December 19

Obviously I didn't feel great re: what I drank last nite. I woke up with a headache, took some vitamins and advil, and went back to bed and woke up fine, just a little dizzy. Then, I felt progressively worse throughout the day. Just that whole BLAH feeling where you can't WAIT until the next day when it's supposed to go away.

I wasn't hungry at all. I had one of those free smoothie samples at the mall around 6:30pm and a few sips of an iced tea at the movies (Avatar at the Imax in 3d...pretty cool, but about an hour too long), but that was it until about 11pm or so.

That's when I had a Kind fruit & nut bar that my dog found and tried to steal (kinda forgot how much I love those things)

Then, around midnite I had a sample of the alfredo (still sucky, even covered in black pepper), a sample of the lasagna (even better than before), and another small piece of the cake. REALLY wanted that spaghetti tho, and that's when I found out it wasn't there :( :(. Seriously that bitch didn't deserve MY food :-P

didn't finish
only ate about half

December 20

I still felt crappy, but I think because I didn't sleep much.

-one piece of ham
-a few bites of breakfast potatoes
-a few bites of fruit

my stomach felt too blah to eat much, but I still wanted my Sunday breakfast ritual

-the rest of the potatoes
-the rest of the fruit

-a salad with spinach, red peppers, green peppers, black bean and corn salad, tomato, sunflower seeds, hardboiled egg, and italian dressing (I love spinach and hardboiled egg whites together so much)

-2 vosges truffles (the absinthe one was kind of gross, but the white chocolate one was delish)


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