Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dec 1-Can you believe it??

December 1

-tall soy latte

-reduced fat pesto chicken salad with spring mix on top eaten with a few gf crackers
-lemon hummus with a few gf crackers and a few pieces of celery
-a few grapes
-water with emergen-c

I had one carrot, but I'm kind of off on the whole carrot thing. Carrots and I have our ups and downs, you see.
besssssssst crackers EVAR

I know I packed wayy more grapes than that + 2 raw cocoa macaroons, but they both mysteriously disappeared. Strange.

-kind bar

I'm kind (har har--not intended) of obsessed with these

-more thanksgiving leftovers (alllllmost gone)
-sparkling water mixed with pomegranate kiwi juice

I could eat BUCKETS of green bean casserole. For realz.

After I gave myself some time to start digesting, I went on the treadmill. My goal was 40 min, but I was so bored after 20 I didn't know if I'd make it past 25-30. Imagine my surprise when I went for 75! Slow, but steady. I mixed it up between 2.7mph and 4.5 mph, I'd say mostly 3.0-ish. All in all I went a little over 3.5 miles. Woohoo. I'd really like to start doing around 3mph/day maybe 5 days a week? 4? At least 2 LOL, but yeah so far so good!

-reduced sugar gluten free pumpkin pie with gingerbread crust

I wasn't sure if I should have the pie since I worked out, but I was hungry, it sounded good, and everything in moderation, right? I had planned to have it before working out, so why not? Gooood stuff. Nommmmmm.


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