Sunday, November 29, 2009

November 28

November 28


-1.5 bananas

I woke up feeling both still full & a little hungry again. I decided to have fruit every half hour or so, but after the banana(s) felt like crap. Headache and stomachache. Booo. I kinda woke up that way, but it's stayed the same/gotten a little worse instead of better. Lame-o.

-glass of water with apple cider vinegar
-3 tylenols

Tried to settle my stomach/head. Worked a lil. But only for a lil. Eh, it's something.

-green tea with honey

I went downstairs to make peppermint tea to try and settle my stomach further and then I made green tea instead. Only AFTER I dropped in the tea bag did I remember why I went down for tea in the first place. No short term memory, I guess lol.

-small handful of cashews (roasted, unsalted)

-one small red potato cut up and drizzled with salt-free greek seasoning and olive oil & broiled for like 5-10 min eaten w/ a lil organic (aka no high fructose corn syrup--yess!) ketchup
one little potato makes an awful lot when you cut it up!

-scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream (forgot cookie dough has gluten in it...doh, but vanilla-based ice cream's usually help my stomach calm down)
-small root beer
-salad with grilled chicken and ranch dressing
-a few french fries

We tried to go see The Blindside @ the movie grill, so we could have dinner there too, but it was sold out. Bummer. We went to a Cinemark theatre instead, which was playing the movie every hour, and ate at their lil crappy mini restaurant thing (well, they took too long, so we ate it during the movie, but close enough). I was looking forward to salad at the grill, but luckily they had salad here too. It was kind of a cop out salad, I assume it was the lettuce meant for burgers topped with some chopped tomato, a lil semi-melted shredded cheese and grilled chicken. Tasted pretty good, although initially they forgot my dressing and when I went back for it I almost wished I'd just stuck to lemon juice packets instead, as it was pretty crappy ranch, but it got the job done. As you can see I was craving potatoes, so in order NOT to order fries I ate my homemade wannabe fries right beforehand, but both my parents food came with fries, so I had to steal some, of course! I'm usually not a potato person, maybe I needed the potassium? With all the banana-age + fries, it makes sense. *ponders* BTW, the Blindside is SUCH a good movie. One of the best mainstream movies I've seen all year, even if it is predictable. It still warms the heart :-P.

-pumpkin pie

Me and my sugar addiction, I'll tell ya...

Still not feeling great, but could be worse.


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