Sunday, November 1, 2009

November 1

November 1

Back on track today? Well, not so much, but I did OK calorie-wise, so ya know...could always be worse.

-2 eggs over medium (150 cals)
-1.5 sausages (I know I said I hate sausage, but the kind at iHop are ok, sorta. Still not my fave, but it came w/ the meal..) (can't find info....200 cals?)
-the crispy tops of the hashbrowns (150 cals)
-1 cheesecake pancake with just a tiny tiny drizzle of butter pecan syrup (275 cals)

I didn't even have a drop of coffee and my stomach still hurt badly after. Coulda been the eggs or sausage. I think I'm going to have to stop eating eggs so frequently. UGH it sucks!

-joint vitamin/mineral powder mixed with 6 oz light apple juice (supposed to be 8 oz, but it was making me sick so I poured the rest out) (45 cals)

stomach hurt AGAIN. I'm guessing from the cinnamon in the supplement. This is getting ridiculous.

-club soda

-small root beer (yep, still obsessed. SO. GOOD.) (160 cals)

-2 oz (dry) quinoa pasta with 2ish tablespoons pesto (365 cals)

-1/2 an espresso chocolate chip vegan cookie (250 cals)

The cookie was stupid. It's been in my room for awhile and as of tomorrow I'm trying to test out going gluten-free to see if it makes any difference in my stomach/body pains. Anyway, the cookie is filled with wheat, so I gave it a try before throwing it out and kept going back for more. Oops. I threw the rest (plust the other two) in the trash. Hasta la vista. I'm going to miss my vitamuffins the very most. It's going to be HARD to avoid those, ugh I love them soooo much. But if it helps me feel better that will be great. We'll see...

ONE LAST THING: I know I don't have a lot of readers, but just for fun, even if I'm the only one answering (but anyone who reads PLEASE feel free to comment!) I'm gonna try and remember to add a Question of the Day from now on. Today's question is: If you were at your goal/dream weight/body, would you dress the same/have the same style or not?

For me, I think it'd be half yes half no. I'd definitely wear more body concious dresses in satin and similar more unforgiving fabrics. I'd also wear more simple outfits from time to time, like jeans and a plain white shirt dressed up with accessories, but still just plain, but that actually looked good. But overall I think I'd buy approximately the same types of pieces. I'd just look better in them ;)

Going grocery shopping tomorrow, that should make staying on track consistently a lot easier...


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