Monday, November 23, 2009

More Ketchup

err catch up :).

Novemeber 19

-1/2 a coconut larabar

I went with my Dad to his diabetes dietician/nurse training again and had to leave the house at 7:30am (BLAH) and had to eat SOMETHING in the car on the way. I knew we were going to breakkie at 10 after the appointments, but I've totally become a breakfast person now and get so hungry when I wake up. Such a far cry from the first 21 or so years of my life, but I feel much better now. I don't feel full/fine 'til 5pm and then want to eat everything in site 'til 5am lol.

-3 slices of canadian bacon
-2 potato pancakes with apple sauce and sour cream
-fruit cup
-coffee x 2

ordering off the side menu is much more expensive, but it's pretty tasty!

-tons and tons of water + 1 water with emergen-c
-1/2 an a&w root beer

canned root beer has nothing on bottled or fountain sorrytosay.

-kind fruit & nut bar (these are REALLY good)
-about 3/4 of a tall joy tea

My Mom took me shopping *swoon* and I tried on about 50% of Anthropologie's stock lol. I left with 5 shirts, 3 of which I LOVE, 1 I think I love and one I like. I may exchange 2, but tbd. Shopping at nice stores makes my self esteem rise so much more than trying on cheap clothes and hating most of them, having them all fit bad/weird, etc. Quality over quantity is my new motto. And ever since I heard something similar on Oprah I've tried to follow it but failed, but I'm trying to be more diligent and serious this time. Basically she said you should only buy things you love and make you feel good, especially clothing wise. If it doesn't do it for you what's the point? Even if something is cheap or on sale, if you wouldn't have paid more for it and are only buying it b/c of the price, then you probably don't really need it anyway. Oh, Oprah, you and your smarts. Haha. Of course, she can actually afford to live that way, but y'know, again...quantity over quality...doesn't mean ya can buy everything nice you love. But a girl can dream...

-half of a greek combo (1 piece svoulaki, 1 shrimp scampi, 1 dolma, a few bites of moussaka, a few bites of the filling of a spanikopita)
-less than half of a side greek salad
-a few spoonfulls of lemon rice soup (wasn't as good as usual)
-half a side of greek potatoes and green beans
-1 gluten free ginger mini cookie

-2 raw chocolate macaroons (still OBSESSED)

November 20

-leftover greek food (no dolmas, soup, or salad)
-about 6 oz vitamin c smoothie juice

only held me over for like an hour and a half mayyybe two hours. There wasn't a large amount of leftovers tho.

-1 wildberry buckwheat waffle topped with neufchatel cheese,pumpkin butter, and a drizzle of real maple syrup
-jasmine green tea with a couple drizzles of honey

nom nom nom nom nom. Goood stuff.

Then we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and I only ate maybe half of my meal, as usual, but was not gluten free nor calorie conscious. AT ALL. I feel like a big fatty fatty 2 x 4 lol. Ughh.

-1.5 rolls with cinnamon butter (damn me, but that butter is too good to resist...)
-part of the fried onion cactus and dressing (good at first, but so greasy & fatty)
-side salad with ranch
-a few bites of a marshmallow and caramel stuffed sweet potato
-a few bites of a sirloin kabob with veggies
-one tall-ish vodka soda with lime

that's actually my Mom's salad, I forgot to take a pic of mine and she still had most of hers when I remembered, but..same thing :)

Nothing to be proud of, but my stomach seems fine so far at least *knock on wood*. I always fill up on their bread & salad and can barely eat my meal, so add an appetizer and peanuts into the mix and I don't know how I didn't get sick...

Aaaand if that's not bad enough I had to come home and have a lil dessert. At least it's pretty healthy....

-2 raw chocolate macaroons

I could eat a bag of those a day if I let myself...

-chocolate hazelnut decaf Stash tea with a few drops of liquid stevia

I didn't like the powdered stevia I tried (granted, I did only try once or twice and in yogurt not a bevvie), but the liquid is pretty good! I wonder if I can make my holiday pumpkin pie with it?

November 21

So when I went to bed my head hurt and my stomach hurt a little (it felt weird, not a normal ache--more like the nausea you get when you have a headache and overall feel blah). I also woke up with a headache which was off and on all day (mostly off, thankfully). Not sure if they were gluten related or not, though. It was hours and hours after, but then again it could have been when my body was digesting the gluten? *shrug* I kind of had a nightmare too, wonder if that's related LOL


-leftovers from last nite (3 bites of steak, a few bites of onion and peppers, almost an entire sweet potato w/ marshmallows and a lil caramel sauce)

-2 pieces of bruschetta (cut up organic grape tomatoes, garlic spread, herbs, sprinkle of goat cheese and then drizzled in olive oil AFTER it cooked)
-green tea enviga

-half of a greek salad with grilled chicken
-half of a cheeseburger (no bun, just meat and a tiny sprinkle of cheese, half a slice of tomato, like one pickle, a lil ketchup, a lot of mustard)
-water with lemon

I ordered the salad (I almost always do at this place, even tho it's a burger restaurant), but when our food came my dad's burger sounded better, so he was nice enough to share with me. aww. Of course I got rid of the bun.

-3 tootsie rolls (2 small regular ones, 1 longer one)

I wanted candy SO BADLY when I was at the movies, but didn't want to wait in line and this was all I could scrounge up out of my purse lol. They were smushed too :-P.

-decaf chocolate hazelnut tea with stevia

I really wanted to make a real dessert or eat candy (chocolate!!) when I got home, but I was really full, so I decided just to try the tea again. The stevia makes it soo dessert-y. Love. I used less this time too and it was just as sweet (3 drops this time, 5 last nite--technically 5 is one serving). I wasn't very impressed with the tea on its own, kinda bland, and altho I normally don't like sweet drinks it just works.

November 22

-about 1/3 of a spinach egg white omelet with cream cheese
-like 90% of an order of extra crispy breakfast potatoes with ketchup (they were sooo good. extra extra crispy!)
-coffee with english toffee liquid stevia

-mango macadamia kind bar

Really good, but the original flavor is still the best I think.

-about 3/4 of a snack pack of roasted cashews (prob honey roasted, because they were sweet)

My Mom and I found out a Christmas craft show was going on and we thought it was the one we go to every year to buy candles, jewelry, and fudge at, but it wasn't. Boo. I was so looking forward to the fudge, but the nuts were pretty good.

-chicken shawarma

This girl I watch on Youtube is in Valencia in Spain right now is obsessed with schwarmas, so I was determined to try one. This one wasn't even that good, so now I'm determined to try more places, even though the gluten (I assume) kinda made me feel sick. I didn't feel horrible, but I did get a headache and felt a lil bloated I guess? IDK, just didn't feel all that great after. I also had a nightmare again lol, but still doubt that could be connected? Still trying to figure stuff out. For now I think I'm gonna try really hard to eat 100% gluten free at home and like 75+ % gluten free when I go out, but if I'm REALLY craving something gluten-filled at a restaurant I may let myself try some every once in awhile to see if I notice patterns or if I feel OK. Since I'm not feeling all that much better without the gluten, I still can't imagine my life 100% gluten free forever, and never getting to have some of my faves again, ya know? If I felt great it may be different, but we'll see.

-acai "iced" (well, just cold) tea

drank it before I remembered the pic lol it was purple-ish

-chocolate banana fudgsicle (mmmmm)

-2 pieces of ham
-a few gluten free crackers

My Mom and I watched 3 movies in her room last nite and I was so hungry and randomly remembered I had bought that fudgsicle a month or two ago and finally found it. Scoreee. It was SO GOOD. And my Mom had ham & crackers in her room and I was still hungry, so...nom nom. The new crackers we got are soooo good. Even better than the Mary's Gone Crackers and I thought those were great. Yeah for yum gluten free food.



  1. Is your goal to make my mouth water?

    I use SweetLeaf stevia and love it! I've used it in baking peanut butter cookies and chocolate chip cookies and they turned out well! I use both the powder and the liquid and I love experimenting with the flavored liquid. For breakfast, I had some skim milk with their chocolate flavored stevia, which I like because I think it tastes like chocolate milk, which I'm a sucker for!

    Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Yes, yes it is my goal :) hehe. Very good to know about the stevia! I have the sweetleaf powder and I think my english toffee flavored liquid is sweetleaf as well. I think I'll try to make another pumpkin pie tonite and try the stevia out. The one I made for thanksgiving was 75% sugar, 25% xylitol, and just a few drops of stevia, so now I need to try all (or mostly) stevia :). Thanks for the comment, hope you had a great holiday.