Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gluten Free Day 9

November 10
While organizing the kitchen last nite I may have dipped into the cheddar almond chips. Like 1.5-2 servings dipped. Those things are tasty mothers. I also had a mug of hisbiscus tea.

-chocolate banana gluten free granola bar (100 cals)

Had to dig into my emergency purse stash for that one. My Mom and I went to get mani/pedi/eyebrow waxes as soon as we woke up, so by the time we had to run a quick errand after we were famished. Luckily I had 2 bars in my purse, that one, and a sunbutter one, and she chose the sunbutter. We went to a new (to us) nail salon that made a lot of promises on the website. My Mom loved it, I thought it was so-so. Not real impressed, but I'll still go back. The eye brow lady did do an exceptional job, I will say.

-roasted chicken (it says 1/2, but my Mom and I both swear it was 1/4 *shrug*) (460 cals--if it really is a 1/2)
-spinach (60 cals)
-green beans (60 cals)
-large iced tea (0 cals)

-tootsie roll (30 cals)

Again, I got HUNGRY and this time I was in a waiting room going crazy. All I had was tootsie rolls and after the first one got stuck in my teeth I decided just to suffer :-P. My lunch above tasted really good, but definitely did not fill me up.

-3/4 a container of passion fruit mango coconut milk yogurt (100 cals)

While picking up some gum (among other things) for my trip on Thursday I grabbed a yogurt to eat, so I wouldn't be grabbing everything in sight when I got home. Good plan. I really want to be a fan of coconut milk yogurt, but I'm not sold. I eat it more like baby food, force feeding it to myself and making sure it doesn't dribble out LOL. It's not bad, but I don't love it like some yogurts. It did hold me over, at least.

-3 crispy tacos with extra lean turkey, a lil sprinkle of 2% shredded cheese, small handful of raw spinach, and a dollop of fat free greek yogurt (350 cals)

-1 hersheys kiss meltaway (23 cals)

-pau d'arco tea

Still needed more dessert, 'cause that's how I roll.

-small gluten free brownie (holy yum) (170 cals)
-about half a tablespoon of cookie dough peanut butter (probably the best pb ever, I'm obsessed) (50 cals)
-medium sliced organic braeburn apple (70 cals)

I literally licked the plate clean.


  1. I know you're trying to cut down on anything with chemical additives, but the Dannon Light n Fit yogurts are SO GOOD, and really low in calories. I've been using them a lot for a breakfast or lunch and they are pretty filling. Good mixed with a little Kashi cereal. I buy the Greek yogurt's you've been getting too (Chobani?). Those are a little more in calories, but they have more protein so it sort of balances things out.

  2. I really like that coconut milk yogurt. Have you tried the chocolate or vanilla? They're good enough to eat for dessert!

  3. What flavor yogurts do you like in the Dannon, Ashley? I'll have to try at least one!

    and Christie, I haven't tried either of those, thanks for the suggestions I'll check them out for sure! I have tried the plain and thought it was pretty good, so I can see those flavors being even better.