Monday, November 9, 2009

Gluten Free Day 7

November 8

-about half of a salad trio (fruit salad, spinach salad with bacon and feta-no dressing, and some deliiiicious chicken salad..and I'm super picky about chicken salad) (350 cals?)
-half of a side of rosemary breakfast potatoes (125 cals?)
-2.5 or so cups of coffee (I put a tiny tiny splash of 2% milk in half a cup + between all the cups I used 1 packet of raw sugar) (30 cals?)

Originally I was planning on the entree sized fruit salad with a side of potatoes and a side of ham, but I'm so glad I noticed the trio! Deliiish.

I thought I'd miss eating wheat and eggs in the morning (I'm not giving up eggs, at least not now, just scaling way back, especially when my stomach is weak), but mostly I realized I like the ritual of Sunday breakfast, not necessarily the breakfast foods themselves. I do stil love all the stuff I can't have (bagels, crepes, etc), don't get me wrong, but I left feeling good and satisfied, not sad I didn't have the food I'm not "supposed" to. I was also a little worried even giving ALL that up I'd still leave feeling sick because of the coffee, especially since I didn't sleep very much last nite (ironically, when I don't sleep is when my body can't handle coffee very well), but I was a-ok. Score. Oh, and usually I hate bacon, and I'm definitely not TRYING to like it, but I've noticed I can handle a little bit now and not freak out lol. I forgot to say no bacon (or croutons for that matter) in the salad, but I thought it still tasted fine. I did, of course, take out the croutons. I don't like croutons anyway luckily. I know technically people really diligent about being gluten free freak out about any amount of gluten even touching their food for a second, but I figured picking them off was good enough. *shrug*

-the rest of the mousse from last nite (about 3 teaspoons worth) (75 cals?)

After I ate that my stomach hurt a little for maybe 10 min max, but I was getting tired again, so it could just be my body rebelling in general. NOTHING like yesterday though, just a lil blahness.

-the rest of the trio & potatoes (475 cals?)

-12 oz ibc root beer poured from bottle into frosty mug (160 cals)

My family went to a diner for dinner, but I had just eaten before my brother suggested it. Regardless, who am I to pass up good company and extra cold, extra tasty root beer? :)

-pomegranate seeds, pineapple, and grapes (about half of what's pictured) (85 cals?)

Usually I just suck the juice off the pom seeds and spit out the actual seed, but I just ate the whole thing this time. Gotta say, not as tasty, but far less messy and time consuming :-P.

-2.5 molasses ginger cookies (best cookies of all time, zomg. they'd be even better and less cal if they wouldn't roll them in sugar tho, but y'know) (285 cals)
-aveda comforting tea (0 cals)

I'm still a lil hungry, but am planning to go to sleep soon anyway. Gnite.

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