Saturday, November 7, 2009

Gluten Free Day 5

November 6

-chicken fajitas with no tortillas (just plain chicken, salsa, sour cream, guac, a bite or two of onion) (350 cals?)
-spanish rice (175 cals?)
-refried beans (175 cals?)
-half of a mojito (90 cals)
-lemon water

We asked the waiter if their corn tortillas/chips were gluten free and he had NO idea what we were talking about. Then we asked if the tortillas had wheat and he said yes, but again I don't think he had any idea what he was answering lol. We didn't get sick or anything, so I don't THINK there was gluten in anything, but we can't be too sure. I was weary about eating here, but my Mom and I were outlet shopping and it was pretty much the only restaurant around and we were starving. Worth it though, I got some AWESOME Coach sunglasses. I just tried them on out of habit (I'm sunglasses obsessed), but the first pair I picked looked like they were tailor made for me. Looove.

-small root beer (not as good as usual, boo) (160 cals)

I got that at the mall. Yeah, so after a dr appt (for my Mom), outlet shopping, and an errand or two, we braved the mall. We each just wanted to run in about one store. I'm having SO much trouble finding clothes that look good on me, but I digress. We park and I notice there are about 1,000 people (OK maybe less, but I really don't feel like I was exaggerating lol it was NUTS) just waiting by the food court entrance. We were so confused. I guess they had some Christmas parade? We bypassed it and just went shopping, but on our way out the parade outside was over, but inside there were people walking around in costumes (bugs bunny, tweetie, etc), people in toy soldiers juggling, some holiday-dressed people on stilts. MADNESS.

-pesto tilapia (270 cals)
-half a cup of brown rice with a little I can't believe it's not butter spray (95 cals)

-half of a mini whole foods creme brulee (the top is mediocre, but the actual custard is one of the best I've had) (200 cals?)

I also had a teeeny tiny taste of these gingerbread gluten free cookies we found. OMFG. BEST. COOKIES. EVAR. Will post more about them later.

I only slept about 4 maybe 4.5 hours last nite and had a full day. I'm going to bed soon. 'Nite.


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