Friday, November 6, 2009

Gluten Free Day 4

November 5

I couldn't fall asleep until 5 am. Oops. So yeah, shamefully I slept (snuggled up real tight with my dogs, I might add-SO cute) until, wellll, 2:30. Whatevs. I needed it.

clearly 2:30 was still too early for them LOL. Usually Buster, the one in front, is an early riser!

-one lemon struesel gluten-free muffin with pumpkin butter (300 cals)
-one small honeycrisp apple (60 cals)
-organic classic breakfast tea with 2 oz pumpkin eggnog (best tea using the eggnog yet) (100 cals)

I feel a lot better. *knock on wood* And I must say, since the muffin flavor is fairly light, it's much nicer to eat on its own than mixed with yogurt. Don't get me wrong, it was still good in the yogurt, but I could actually taste all of it on its own. The tea did hurt my tummy a little, but not bad like before. Not sure if it was the caffeine or the eggnog. It didn't last tho, no big thing. I wanted yogurt too, but want to lay off a litttle bit on the dairy.

-half serving of gluten free pretzels (these are so so good) (70 cals)
-tootsie roll (20 cals)

-5 oz tilapia filet with pesto (270 cals)
-4 oz (dry) quinoa pasta shells with tomato sauce (425 cals*)

*Although, I think I've been calculating my pasta wrong. I feel so dumb, but OK, the portion says 1 serving is 2 oz (dry) for 205 calories, so I've just been measuring 2 oz in a regular measuring cup, but now I am starting to think they might mean by weight? Which seems like 2 oz would be more? I mean 4 oz is what I did above via the measuring cup method and look how tiny that is. I think 2 oz dry is supposed to amount to one cup cooked (in a measuring cup), and even with that 4 oz portion (measured), I don't think it would be a cup. I'm so confused LOL. So I think I've been WAY overestimating my quinoa pasta calories. I really need to get a food scale, stat. That will be amazing if I can eat double or more than what I thought for the same cals. I love me some pasta!!

-half a cup or so of haagen daz cranberry blueberry sorbet (100 cals)

I lost another full pound since yesterday morning. Wow. Let's keep this pattern going! :)

One thing I have come to realize about a gluten free diet is most "alternative foods" (crackers, breads, granola bars, etc.) don't have the high levels of fiber that most of my previous foods did. I realllly need to be much more conscious about amping up my intake of fruits and veggies. You know I love my fiber, lol.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: How do you get your fiber? :). Preferably gluten free ways!


(and cute lil Genie!)

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