Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gluten Free Day 2

November 3

-triangle and a half or so of polenta with creamy mushroom ragout from whole foods salad bar (400 cals?)

Yep, it hurt my stomach. wtf is going on??? I can't not be able to eat dairy too. come ON.

-part of a salad (lots of veggies and ranch, originally put tofu on it but realized there was probably gluten in the teriyaki sauce) also from the salad bar (300 cals?)

-3 tootsie rolls (approx. 75 cals)

-plain frozen yogurt with fruit (175 cals)

-1/2 serving of gluten free pretzels (70 cals)

-chicken breast with a tiny bit of leftover gluten-free teryiaki sauce (300 cals?)
-half a serving of hazelnut crackers (65 cals)
-1 tbsp hummus (25 cals)

I've still had that acidy burny feeling in my throat. :(.

-gluten free vanilla cupcake from french meadow bakery (230 cals)

-about 2.5 liters of water over the course of the day

I had pre-planned my entire day food-wise and totaled it up out of curiosity and it was 1610 cals. Instead there was a change of plans and I just ate when I felt like it and what I felt like and it ended up being 1640...not bad.

So far so good gluten-wise. It's a lil hard already, but seems manageable. Mostly. I know it'll only get harder in a sense, but I'm sure it'll get easier too once I figure out more of the ropes.

As my blog-title says: one day at a time...

Question of the Day: Have you ever made a drastic dietary change? What kind? How'd it go?


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