Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gluten Free Day 10

November 11

-2 mugs of the delishhhh Aveda tea

-pb&j lara bar (210 cals)

Another emergency stash situation. My Mom and I got our hair dyed and had to be there at 9am. I didn't grab anything on the way out and didn't get a chance to eat even this 'til 12:30. I felt sick I was so hungry. But my hair looks good :)

Doesn't my Mom look pretty?

I took a pic from a magazine while waiting for my color to process. Aren't these sneakers cute?

-salad (500 cals?)
-2 bites of butternut squash soup (disappointing. kinda tasted like baby food)
-latte hard candy (15 cals)

-2 raw macaroons (140 cals)

-corn tortilla mexican casserole/lasagna with a dollop of ff greek yogurt (300 cals?)
-reese's peanut butter pumpkin (170 cals) (geez I didn't realize one small pumpkin was that many)
-zevia cola

-more mexican casserole (200 cals?)

Bad idea to go for seconds. I was still hungry, but then I just felt acidy refluxy and my stomach hurt. I ate too much and it was too acidic. greeeat. I threw up like 4 times about an hour later :(

Hope I feel 100% good all weekend on my vaca. I'll be in Atlanta 'til Sunday. You guys know the drill by now, you may hear from me, you probably won't. If not, see ya next week. *muah*


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