Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gluten Free Day 1

November 2

Kind of interesting. After I ate that wheat-based cookie last night I didn't get a terrible stomachache like I had all day, but my throat and tongue started hurting and I felt acidic. I'm not saying I am indeed gluten intolerant after one incident, but I just thought it was worth noting.

-apple/peach/banana mini juice box (60 cals)

-iced tea (after a few sips my stomach hurt. UGH) (0 cals)

-side of fruit salad (70 cals?)

I also ordered blackened tilapia, sauteed spinach, and cabbage, but decided to google them after the fact and they didn't show up on the Luby's (where I got it from--a cafeteria-type restaurant) gluten free menu. I still didn't think any of it had gluten, but just to be safe I gave it to my Dad to eat for his lunch tomorrow. *sigh* Since my stomach hurt anyway I wasn't in the mood to eat much. The fruit didn't seem to upset my stomach tho, so that's good.

-sample of apple cider from Central Market (50 cals?)

-small gelato (half root beer float half pumpkin chocolate crunch) (160 cals?)

-big salad (spring mix, extra spinach, mushrooms, carrots, a few pieces of potato, artichoke hearts, hearts of palm, peas, a tinyyy bit of corn,radish, tofu, tuna, chick peas, cottage cheese, a tiny bit of ranch) (not sure....350 cals? I had quite a bit leftover)

-water mixed with joint powder

-bengal spice tea with a splash of pumpkin eggnog (75ish cals)

I found out that some teas (including my beloved holiday ones) contain barely, so they're not gluten free. TEA? Really? I can't catch a break with my favesies.

But this tea was safe & no stomachache then either

-gluten free crackers (so good) with a slice of organic white cheddar cheese (220 cals)

Obviously I didn't eat very much, but I'm sure that will change real soon whenever my stomach fully behaves again. I got two full grocery bags filled with nothing but gluten-free alternative products (crackers, granola bars, etc.) among the fresh usual stuff I can still have (veggies, etc.)

Of course I'm hoping ultimately I will feel better, but it's going to hardcore SUCK if I theoretically can never have gluten again. To be determined, I suppose. I know a lot of now gluten free people felt that way at the beginning of their journey, but wouldn't consider going back, so that's hopeful if it does end up being the case. And if it doesn't? Well, the alternative foods are pretty healthy (healthier than their gluten counterparts actually), so no harm there. I'll (completely) cross that bridge if/when I come to it.

Ooh ooh and I also found a gluten free pumpkin pie! I'll still probably make my own for the holidays, but it's good to know a premade one is possible. Woohoo.

Too tired for a question of the day. I fail.

And for some reason I'm feeling a little throat burny/acidic right now, hmmm....


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