Sunday, November 1, 2009

End of October--BIG update

October 29
Fatty McFatterson of Fatsville :)


-small latte light (80 cals)
-english muffin eggwhich (350 cals)
-3/4 of ham, turkey, & cheese sandwich (350 cals)
-bbq pop chips (120 cals)
-bbq chicken & ham (350 cals?)
-potato salad (150 cals)
-cool ranch doritos (150 cals)
-zevia root beer (0 cals)
-tortilla pizza with a tinnny bit of chicken (150 cals)
-pumpkin seeds (75 cals)
-puppy chow (sans powdered sugar) (300 cals?)
-iced tea (0 cals)
-2 fun sized laffy taffy's (65 cals)
-peach cobbler (270 cals)
-arby's gyro (560 cals) (way more cals than I expected, but it was super good)
-a few curly fries (50 cals?)

I was gone from about 9 am 'til about 8 or so pm, then came home and kept eating. I was really hungry all that time too. Well, mostly. NOT COOL.

For a few hours my Mom and I babysat Kendyll, my cousin's baby. Isn't she cute? The first pic is from the last time we babysat, the others are most recent.

& her doggie, Reesie:

October 30

:( :( :( What am I doing?!?!

-4 small squares of pepperoni pizza (680 cals) (I had NO idea each piece was 170 cals or I would have only had 1 or 2. Since they were squares and not triangles they were misleading. CRAZY. I would have figured they'd have added up to 2 normal size slices..)

-cookies n creme snack size candy bar (50 cals)

After I left the office (actually and before lol) my Mom and I went to this cute lil boutique called Beyond The Door. I got this lil hand to put all my rings on. Kinda creepy, but a cool idea. It's really convenient. And oddly, the third hand for that purpose I've seen this week. I'd never seen any before in my life, but suddenly they're everywhere :-P

-8 chick-fil-a chicken nuggets w/ bbq sauce (310 cals)
-fruit cup (70 cals)
-1/2 of a one organic food bar in chocolate macaroon crunch (105 cals)

I meant to do good (grilled chicken breast or something like that), but I got really hungry all of a sudden and we realized we didn't have time to eat before we went to see Coco Before Chanel, but there was no way I could wait 3 hours to eat something. I ended up falling asleep during a good part of the first half of the movie too :(. It was really good tho!

After the movie....

-3/4 of a mamba taxi (small frozen margarita with a lil sangria on top. It's really good at one place, but this one wasn't great--not worth the cals) (300 cals?)
-salad w/ chicken and ranch (really good) (350 cals?)
-mini taquito with sour cream (150 cals?)
-2 black bean and cheese nachos w/ chicken and sour cream (250 cals?)

Normally I don't eat nachos, but I was considering ordering them myself, but probably wouldn't have. Ironically, my Mom did, so I had a couple since they were there and I did want them...

OK OK and I may have had 4 or 5 chips with salsa too...

-slice of chocolate cake (damn my Dad! :-P He bought it for work for a Halloween party he threw for his teenage social skills group, but one of their mom's ended up bringing cupcakes and brownies, so no one needed his cake and he's diabetic and can't have it, so he brought it home) (300 cals?)
-grapefruit sparkling water (0 cals)

October 31

Today I decided to get back on track, so I did. Easy as that. Love how that works sometimes. My family was going to take me out for my belated graduation dinner at III Forks, a fancy steak place we keep putting off, but I decided I'd rather wait to have such a heavy meal. I knew I'd enjoy it, it's one of the best restaurants in Dallas, but I wanted to feel like I earned it. Or, at least, I didn't want to down a cup of lobster bisque, a filet mignon, and gallons of their breathtaking creamed corn after 2 days of overindulging (on crap, I might add), ya know? The food will still be there when I'm ready.

-egg white scramble (3 egg whites, wilted spring mix, mushrooms, 1 tablespoon evoo, a tiny bit of onion, all topped with 1 tablespoon of amazing pesto) (275 cals)
-1 organic buckwheat wildberry waffle with 1 tablespoon pumpkin cream cheese and 1 tablespoon pumpkin butter (150 cals)
-pumpkin spice black tea with 2 oz pumpkin spice egg nog (100 cals)

AMAZING. And pretty good for me too.

I thought about making pumpkin oats with raisins for a lil Halloween holiday spirit, but egg whites, mushrooms, and pesto sounded better. Sorry holiday spirit, lol.

First, I kept trying to convince my Mom to go out with me for brunch, but she wasn't interested in leaving the house. I think what I made was just as good, if not better, and surely much lower cal. Score for me.

-the other half of the chocolate macaroon crunch food bar (105 cals)

After that I ran on the treadmill (OK, speed walked and jogged--I'm slow even when I am in shape and since I'm not....) for 40 minutes. I told myself I only had to go for 20, but was having fun blasting a lil Britney. Woohoo. The first 20 min or so I had hiccups, so that didn't help me keep breathing well, but I managed.

-honeycrisp apple (100ish cals) -about 3/4 tablespoon cinnamon raisin peanut butter (70ish cals)

I was going to go out for dinner with my Dad at a German restaurant (my idea), but right as we were going to leave I realized the apple and pb snack had filled me up. Grr I was so disappointed! But I didn't want to make myself sick, especially since (TMI ahead) last time we went there I threw up for days on end. To be fair, I did order the sausage sampler plate and not only do I not like sausage in the first place (I just wanted to try it and see if there were any I liked...), I also had a stomach thing anyway (gastroenteritis), but still. My Dad can't believe, to this day, that I'd ever go back after puking that much :-P. It was probably like 10 years ago too haha.

I didn't eat anymore, didn't need to, and even had a bit of a mild acid reflux-y stomachache all nite. Boo. Anyway, hope everyone had a great holiday! What did you dress up as? What did you do? Me, nothing, but some of my Atlanta friends are throwing a Friday the 13th costume party this month, so I'll have those pics for you then :). Can't wait!

Here's my dog in her festive outfit lol

She's usually covered in curly hair, but just got groomed and is looking a lil silly, but still adorable :-P


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