Friday, October 23, 2009

October 22

October 22

-Chobani blueberry nonfat greek yogurt with a tiny sprinkle of fiber one (didn't want too much fiber to hurt my tummy :-P) (love love, I'm sure you're not surprised :)) (150 cals)

-grilled chicken breast (300 cals?)
-3 scrambled egg whites (50 cals)
-1 bite of a cream cheese danish (50 cals?)

My stomach got upset again after that (I'm slightly allergic to egg whites, as I always mention, so that was a bad idea), but I took some pepcid and seemed a lil better. The meal also came with tomato slices and a bagel ( I picked whole wheat) with cream cheese, but I didn't eat either of those items.

-1.5 root beers (300 cals?)
-burger with avocado, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and thousand island (NO idea--Gonna say 900 cals? blah)
-french fries dipped in ranch (350 cals?)

Yep, I'm a piggy :). I can't believe I ate a whole burger at once, I never do that. At least not restaurant ones. Oinkkk. And it didn't make me feel sick either. Strange how my fatty meals are the only ones my body seems to tolerate :-P. It didn't help that my cousin has me positively addicted to root beer. OK, OK so I only have one every week or two, but I used to only have one or two a year! Looove it.

And of course RIGHT after I ordered the burger and fries and it was being prepared, I noticed an amazing sounding salad on the menu. What timing. I just ordered what I did because it's what everyone else wanted and we were placing a large to-go order and I didn't wanna make it too complicated. But we all personalized the stuff we wanted on the burger anyway, so the salad would have not only been healthier, but easier to order. No use perseverating now..

-3 small sour mamba chewy candies (55 cals)

-1 sheet of cinnamon graham crackers (60 cals)
-1/2 a cran bran vitatop (50 cals)

Not a very successful health day, I know.

Am I ever going to exercise again? Sheesh.


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