Thursday, October 22, 2009

October 21

October 21
-1/2 a think thin peanut butter bar (120 cals)

-1/2 a big bowl of apple oatmeal (200ish cals)

The oatmeal was very good, but a little too sweet. I'm kinda glad I couldn't finish it, even if I feel a bit wasteful, since the whole bowl would have easily amounted to 400 cals. Oops. Here's how I made it: First, I chopped up a large organic honeycrisp apple and mixed that with 2 tablespoons of apple butter and 2 tablespoons of no sugar added all natural applesauce. Then, I added in a few raisins and a bunch of cinnamon. While that heated up (and I stirred it quite a bit), I nuked a packet of high fiber brown sugar oatmeal. When that was done cooking I mixed it all together and topped it with half a tablespoon of cinnamon raisin peanut butter, stirred once more, and ate. I probably should have gone with my original intentions and used plain oatmeal (and maybe even steel cut or at least slow cooking, so I could have controlled the portion and not needed an entire packet-sized amount of oats) and probably only need 1 tbsp of the apple butter. But all in all it was good stuff.

My stomach hurt after the oatmeal (I think I'm a little sensitive to cinnamon sometimes), so I was weary about eating anymore, but cautiously ate some carb-age. Unfortch, it made my stomach hurt too. What the hell?

-flax seed chips (150ish cals)
-2 or 3 bites of potato from my crock pot pot roast (25 cals?)

the crock pot doing its thang

Stupidly, I took another risk a few hours later due to hunger pangs and had...

-a little of the pot roast, potatoes (fingerling and sweet), baby carrots, onion (just a piece or two, I figured onion would really be bad for my stomach), and yellow squash (300 cals? If that...)

Somehow this didn't seem to hurt my stomach quiiite as bad as some of the other comida, but it's still pretty achey. Grrrrrrrr. :(

It doesn't help that I want some chocolate or at least something sweet, even just a little, but I'm not willing to risk that. Boo.

I'll have to settle for a hot bath instead. Possibly followed by a lil Glee lovin'. I can live with that.

I'm also really wanting to partake in a little happy hour sesh tomorrow, so keepin' my fingers crossed that this yuckyness works itself out by manana. (no I don't know what's up with the random Spanglish, but I can't stop myself).


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