Thursday, October 8, 2009

Being Sick Sucks

Isn't it weird how some days when you're sick you have to force yourself to choke back some soup and other days you seem insatiable? On Tuesday I swear I must have eaten 3,000 calories and probably could have kept going-no problem. Yesterday, I had a little soup (couldn't even finish a bowl), one waffle with pb and apple butter, a few swedish fish, a few soy cheese pizza bites (I refuse to eat dairy with this amount of congestion!), a couple handfuls of all bran crackers, stuff like that. It's nice that the body regulates itself, but it's pretty annoying! I feel H-U-G-E and gross! And now I've noticed during the day I'm not too hungry, but at night I seem to want to make up for it. Must. Control. Self.

I don't have the energy to do the whole pic thing, but here's what I ate today....I really need to track it, especially if this sickness is gonna stick around a few more days. Blah.

-2 small whole wheat wraps (the 50 calorie, high fiber ones) with turkey, spinach, and mustard
-bowl of organic grapes (1 cup, I'd guess?)
-glass of recharge (it's like gatorade, but without the artificial stuff)

-glass of simply orange juice mixed with water (more water than oj)

I also had 3 sour mamba candies (kinda like starbursts) and 2 jelly beans. Random.

-6 inch buffalo chicken subway on wheat with lettuce, tomato, green peppers, and light ranch
-small bag of chili cheese fritos
-more grapes (1/2 cup?)
-orangina mixed with oj (I wish I didn't like orangina since it's just sugar-water basically, but I had a craving and it was on sale. I was shocked to find out it had no vitamins in it tho, you'd think it'd at least have some vitamin c, grr)
-water mixed with emergen-c light packet

I'm kind of obsessed with Subway all of a sudden. I've had it every day since I've been back except yesterday.

I keep feeling hungry again off-and-on and I only ate like an hour ago, but I'm trying to hold off. I do have another half of the sub (I did the $5 foot long thing, but refuse to let myself eat the whole thing at once). I may have an apple and peanut butter or side salad or something later. Neeeed lots of vitamins and enzymes! Although, now another waffle with pb and apple butter sounds good lol. Maybe topped with apple slices. Hmm. OK, I need to stop thinking about food. I don't need to eat yet. It's all in my head....must repeat...:-P

It sucks too when I'm sick I want to eat sugar, sugar, and more sugar. I know sugar is an inflammatory and bad for the immune system, blah blah, but it's energyyyyy :-P.

OK, I can't think anymore, my head is tooooo clogged. Neeed tea.

'Nite, loves.



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