Thursday, October 29, 2009

October 28

October 28

-small bowl of lean beef (and bean) chili with a dollop of light sour cream (275 cals?)
-flax seed tortilla chips (140 cals)

I slept in today (much needed-in fact, I wish I'd slept longer, but I digress), & went down to have a bowl of cereal, but my Mom had made chili. I intended to just have a sample, but went for a full bowl instead.

-tall soy latte (130 cals)

-tootsie pop (the blue ones are gross, fyi) (60 cals)

-bare naked banana nut granola (straight out of bag) (140 cals)

-combination fried rice (500 cals?)
-1 cream cheese wonton (70 cals)
-plain frozen yogurt with strawberries (175 cals?)

My Mom picked food up for herself and knew I had a stomachache, so she didn't bring me anything. I didn't feel like preparing my own dinner, so I just sampled part of hers. I wouldn't have chosen something so unhealthy for myself, but it got the job done.

-1/2 serving cheddar pop chips (60 cals)

-a few bites here and there (cereal, a few coconut m&ms, etc)

-huckleberry herbal tea

All evening I kept wanting to eat, but wasn't hungry. The acidity of the chili & coffee hurt my stomach all day, but once I ate the granola and rice I felt better, but still not terribly hungry. It was just one of those days where you can't stop thinking about food, nothing in particular sounds good, but at the same time everything sounds good, but you don't feel like you need to eat either. YKWIM? Hate that! Hopefully I can get sleepy enough to go to bed soon, so the food day stops there :-P

I had pics of everything, but my iPhoto froze while importing and my iPhone had already automatically deleted them all. Grrr. Not sure why the one photo was safe lol.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October 25-27

October 25

-black coffee x 2ish? (0 cals)
-english muffin with 1.5 packets grape jelly (170 cals)
-1/2 an egg white omelet with spinach, mushrooms, and cream cheese (random craving) (150 cals?)
-3/4 an order of extra crispy breakfast potatoes with ketchup (230 cals?)

-frozen yogurt (half plain half pumpkin) with strawberries, raspberries, cheesecake bites, 1 brownie bite, cookie dough, white chocolate chips, mini yogurt chips (at first I thought the pumpkin was really good, but after a few bites it tasted weird. I think I'll stick to the plain) (400 cals?)

-small organic apple (60 cals)

-small iced tea (0 cals)
-3 small kid-sized chicken fingers (190 cals)
-extra gravy (150 cals?)
-side of mashed potatoes and gravy (200 cals?)
-side of corn (190 cals...omg how?...just looked it up. Wouldn't have eaten that...damn)
-whole wheat roll (170 cals)

I initially wanted the kids meal fried chicken leg for some odd reason. They didn't have it, so I subbed this instead. Bad choices. Tasty tho.

-1/2 a banana (50 cals)
-fiber one strawberry almond oats bar (140 cals)
-yogi immune support tea (0 cals)

I also had 1/2 a serving of chili cheese Fritos at some point mid-day, not sure when

October 26
-single serving bag of original sun chips (210 cals)

-turkey sandwich on wheat with cheese, lettuce, tomato, banana peppers, and mustard (300 cals?)

I also ordered a cup of tomato soup, but was too full, so I gave it to my Dad to have at the office. And it was probably the first time at Frullati I didn't get a fruit smoothie or chiller. The sandwich kept me full for awhiiile.

-small pumpkin latte light (180 cals)
-pumpkin donut (300 cals)

Neither were that special, but I'm glad I tried 'em so I wouldn't be curious anymore.

-baked chicken breast topped with a sour cream/dijon/white wine/etc sauce (350 cals?)
-rice pilaf (75 cals)
-fried okra (my Mom made it. She burnt it....on purpose for some reason, but it was still pretty good) (250 cals?)

Somehow I forgot to take a pic, sorry :(.

For a lil exercise I did the 25 minute upper body workout from the Workout: One-on-One Training with Jackie DVD.

October 27

-1/2 a nine grain bagel with cream cheese, 1 slice of tomato, lox, and capers (300 cals?)
-1/2 an omelet with ham, green pepper, cheese, onion, and salsa (250 cals?)
-a few bites of cottage cheese(50 cals?)
-1/2 a pancake with a tiny drizzle of syrup (threw the rest away) (70 cals?)
-too much black coffee that hurt my stomach 'cause I drank so much (maybe 4 cups? 5? At least 3, but surely more)

My Dad and I split an omelet breakfast & a lox platter. He wouldn't go for just the egg whites though. Def not as good. But still a nice time. I woke up ASS EARLY (7) to go with him to his diabetes nurse & dietitian appointments, so he took me to breakfast before we went to work. Very niiice!

-small sorbet (half blackberry cabernet half red apple) (110 cals)

-sandwich made with 2 slices of (yeast-free) hemp bread, 2 slices of natural turkey, 2 slices of natural ham, 1 slice of organic white cheddar, and a dab of dijonaise "fried" like grilled cheese with a lil spray of olive oil pam spray & i can't believe it's not butter spray (350 cals)
-1/2 serving of salt & pepper pop chips (60 cals)
-cup of v8 broccoli soup (80 cals)
-mini organic juice box (apple/peach/banana) (60 cals)

yeah... it's for toddlers, whatever it's good

-lime sparkling water (0 cals)

-grapefruit popsicle (60 cals)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

October 24

October 24

Today needs little to no commentary, just know I ate, again, little protein and a whole lot of sugar and crap. It tasted damn good (well, sorta), but didn't make me feel so good :-P.

-3/4 of an ace pear cider (150 cals)
-1/2 of fried veggies dipped in ranch appetizer (300 cals?)
-grilled chicken greek wrap (500 cals?)
-a few bites of a side salad (tasted weird and herby) (50 cals?)

And then comes the sugar fiend....I couldn't find a real meal that sounded good, so here's what happened instead...

-1/2 slice of flourless chocolate cake (150 cals?)
-jello sugar free chocolate mousse (good! I was pleasantly surprised) (60 cals)
-grapefruit popsicle (60 cals)

-2-3 big bites of lemon cream cheese cake (100 cals?)
-3-4 bites of a cookie (75 cals?)
-hazelnut chocolate tea with a splash of unsweetened vanilla almond milk (5 cals?)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

October 23

October 23

-indian veggie masala vegan burger on 2 slices of toasted sesame ezekiel bread with a lil organic ketchup (285 cals)
-lil side of pineapple and grapes (50 cals?)
-1/2 serving of sour cream & onion pop chips (60 cals)
-yogi chai redbush tea with a couple splashes of unsweetened vanilla almond milk (10 cals?)

lol idk why my hands look so wrinkly, weird

Really good! I probably only needed one slice of bread (if any), but I didn't think of that 'til both were already toasting. Calling the masala patties a "burger" is a little far fetched, since they're more of a spiced vegetable potato patty, but it's still really tasty stuff. I just realized ALL of that was carbs though, oops. I guess the "burger" term had me thinking it was protein.

Needless to say, I got a slight hunger pang just under an hour later. I decided to hold off as long as I could.

About 30 minutes after that I caved and had a fun size Almond Joy (80 cals). I love these now for some reason. Baaad.

Instead of eating more I went on the treadmill *gasp* yes, me. I'm super slow (and have asthma), so I suck ass at it, but I tried. I did 15 min walking @ 3mph, 5 min @ 3.5 mph, & 5 min @ 3.5mph. My LoseIt iPhone app says I only burned 87 cals, but the treadmill said just shy of 200. I know machines are notorious for overexaggerating calorie burn. I'm hoping it was at least somewhere in between, but idk. I really need to get a body bugg. Maybe for X-Mas?

Before going to see Where the Wild Things Are I had 1/2 a peanut butter Think Thin bar (120 cals) & a small granny smith apple (60 cals?). & at the movie I had a few bites of one of those giant pickles. I thought I ate half, but when I looked at it after the lights on I barely put a dent in it. =-o. (10 cals?)

After the movie we went out to eat at this new place called Vickery Park. It was a pretty cool place. I had one of their nightly specials, lasagna (but made with penne, oddly) (600ish cals? Just guessing) and 2 strongbows (on draft!) (280 cals). I also had one onion ring, three fries, and one bite of breaded chicken. Everything was super delicious. I'll definitely be going back.

I just realized, again, that I had almost no protein today. Double oops.

I'm kind of hungry again, but it's after 2am, so I'll just make some hot tea and call it a nite.


Friday, October 23, 2009

October 22

October 22

-Chobani blueberry nonfat greek yogurt with a tiny sprinkle of fiber one (didn't want too much fiber to hurt my tummy :-P) (love love, I'm sure you're not surprised :)) (150 cals)

-grilled chicken breast (300 cals?)
-3 scrambled egg whites (50 cals)
-1 bite of a cream cheese danish (50 cals?)

My stomach got upset again after that (I'm slightly allergic to egg whites, as I always mention, so that was a bad idea), but I took some pepcid and seemed a lil better. The meal also came with tomato slices and a bagel ( I picked whole wheat) with cream cheese, but I didn't eat either of those items.

-1.5 root beers (300 cals?)
-burger with avocado, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and thousand island (NO idea--Gonna say 900 cals? blah)
-french fries dipped in ranch (350 cals?)

Yep, I'm a piggy :). I can't believe I ate a whole burger at once, I never do that. At least not restaurant ones. Oinkkk. And it didn't make me feel sick either. Strange how my fatty meals are the only ones my body seems to tolerate :-P. It didn't help that my cousin has me positively addicted to root beer. OK, OK so I only have one every week or two, but I used to only have one or two a year! Looove it.

And of course RIGHT after I ordered the burger and fries and it was being prepared, I noticed an amazing sounding salad on the menu. What timing. I just ordered what I did because it's what everyone else wanted and we were placing a large to-go order and I didn't wanna make it too complicated. But we all personalized the stuff we wanted on the burger anyway, so the salad would have not only been healthier, but easier to order. No use perseverating now..

-3 small sour mamba chewy candies (55 cals)

-1 sheet of cinnamon graham crackers (60 cals)
-1/2 a cran bran vitatop (50 cals)

Not a very successful health day, I know.

Am I ever going to exercise again? Sheesh.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

October 21

October 21
-1/2 a think thin peanut butter bar (120 cals)

-1/2 a big bowl of apple oatmeal (200ish cals)

The oatmeal was very good, but a little too sweet. I'm kinda glad I couldn't finish it, even if I feel a bit wasteful, since the whole bowl would have easily amounted to 400 cals. Oops. Here's how I made it: First, I chopped up a large organic honeycrisp apple and mixed that with 2 tablespoons of apple butter and 2 tablespoons of no sugar added all natural applesauce. Then, I added in a few raisins and a bunch of cinnamon. While that heated up (and I stirred it quite a bit), I nuked a packet of high fiber brown sugar oatmeal. When that was done cooking I mixed it all together and topped it with half a tablespoon of cinnamon raisin peanut butter, stirred once more, and ate. I probably should have gone with my original intentions and used plain oatmeal (and maybe even steel cut or at least slow cooking, so I could have controlled the portion and not needed an entire packet-sized amount of oats) and probably only need 1 tbsp of the apple butter. But all in all it was good stuff.

My stomach hurt after the oatmeal (I think I'm a little sensitive to cinnamon sometimes), so I was weary about eating anymore, but cautiously ate some carb-age. Unfortch, it made my stomach hurt too. What the hell?

-flax seed chips (150ish cals)
-2 or 3 bites of potato from my crock pot pot roast (25 cals?)

the crock pot doing its thang

Stupidly, I took another risk a few hours later due to hunger pangs and had...

-a little of the pot roast, potatoes (fingerling and sweet), baby carrots, onion (just a piece or two, I figured onion would really be bad for my stomach), and yellow squash (300 cals? If that...)

Somehow this didn't seem to hurt my stomach quiiite as bad as some of the other comida, but it's still pretty achey. Grrrrrrrr. :(

It doesn't help that I want some chocolate or at least something sweet, even just a little, but I'm not willing to risk that. Boo.

I'll have to settle for a hot bath instead. Possibly followed by a lil Glee lovin'. I can live with that.

I'm also really wanting to partake in a little happy hour sesh tomorrow, so keepin' my fingers crossed that this yuckyness works itself out by manana. (no I don't know what's up with the random Spanglish, but I can't stop myself).


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October 20

October 20

-Chobani strawberry nonfat greek yogurt with fiber one (really good too and normally I don't like strawberry yogurt--I like that this kind doesn't taste artificial) (200 cals)
-small diet lemonade from Chick-Fil-A (20 cals)

-8 chicken nuggets with polynesian sauce (370 cals--110 of which are just from the damn, tasty, sugar-packed sauce)
-side salad with about 1/3 of the packet of ranch (I'm prob really overestimating it, but I'll say 190 cals)
-more diet lemonade (got a large this time, but then got a stomache ache, so prob only drank half at most) (15 cals)
-lots of water

-single serving container of roasted red pepper hummus with pretzel crisps (230 cals)
-fruit cup (70 cals)

-3 oranges (190ish cals)
-1 small grapefruit (65ish cals)
-1 small apple (70ish cals)
-1 teaspoon cinnamon raisin peanut butter (to dip apple in) (35ish cals)

Yesterday some guy came to our office randomly to see if my Dad wanted to buy organic produce he was selling. The process sounds to me kind of like a CSA share, but this guy just delivers it to you. You don't pick what he brings, he just brings a big box full of fruits and vegetables for $44. I thought it was a lil expensive, but after I went through it all it's not so bad and it's all stuff we eat, so that's good. Unfortunately my Dad forgot to tell us he bought it (I didn't go to work yesterday) and my Mom and I already went grocery shopping for the week and loaded up on a bunch of the same items the box contained. Now we have MASSIVE amounts of apples, oranges, and small grapefruits (among other things). I kind of feel like all I can eat is fruit now lol, but I guess there are worse things :).

I made Annie's mac & cheese + bbq chicken for my brother for dinner and was planning on having the same, but didn't feel hungry enough when the time came. I sampled the mac & cheese, but that's it. I decided to go light and attempt to make a dent in the citrus stash and boy did all that fruit make me fullll. At first I only had 2 oranges + the grapefruit, but when I went back for the rest I felt like I'd almost eaten too much.

really good sauce I picked up in Montana

Overall I'm pleased with how I've eaten so far this week. Gotta keep it up. The chicken nuggets may have not been the best choice, but they weren't high in cals and they were some protein at least. I ate the yogurt intending to be able to hold off until later, but I was STARVING an hour or two later and my Mom had Chick-Fil-A for her lunch (when I ate my yogurt--hence how I got the first lemonade) and I couldn't think of any other fast food that sounded good and didn't include bread/yeast, so whatev. The chicken sounded (and tasted) good, so I'd say I made a wise(ish) choice :-P. I barely eat fast food anyway.

Body-wise, my back, neck, and shoulders are back to being in terrible pain again, which sucks. Next time I go to the dr (in 2 months) I need to remember to mention it to her. I don't think there's anything she can do really, but I guess it should at least be checked out. I hope I don't get worse as I get older :(.

Anyway, I'm really tired and even though I probably won't go to sleep for a couple hours, I'm gonna relax with a lil 90210 and a good book (not simultaneously, of course).



Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Let's Try This Again

October 13

-petite vanilla scone (170 cals)
-pumpkin cream cheese muffin (430 cals)
-tall soy pumpkin spice latte (230 cals)

Shoulda only had the scone and latte :(. I REALLY wanted a pumpkin scone (which of course they didn't have), hence why I tried to make up for it, but that was just ridiculous. I'll have to work some of the muffin off later (side note: I didn't, lol surprise surprise). Oh, and speaking of the latte, I think I need to limit myself to one pumpkin spice latte a week max, and maybe even ask for it to be half sweet. The calories and sugars are astronomical. But the vanilla scone? Delicious.

-small organic braeburn apple (new obsession. apples were so blah in the Summer, but now that it's apple season? NOM NOM NOM)

-bowl of extra lean turkey chili with a dollop of sour cream, a handful of flax seed tortilla chips, and a corn bread vitatop
-tiny organic juice box

October 14

-pumpkin scone (took 4 hours to finish, a bite here, a bite there...)
-tall soy latte (one of the best things about fall)
-orange souffle

-part of a greek salad

-herby soft cheese and crackers
-tiny organic juice box

-small organic braeburn apple

-chinese takeout (moo goo gai pan & a couple big bites of my mom's uber unhealthy combination fried rice)
-another tiny organic juice box

Aaaaand, I kinda stopped officially tracking again, oops....let's pick back up on.....

October 19

-cranberry bran vitatop with a tiny bit of apple butter on top (really good! As you can see, I'm trying out more than just the chocolate vitatops and they're all amazing) (110ish cals)

-1/2 of a kashi spinach & mushroom pizza (375 cals)
-tiny organic juice box (30 cals)

-small gelato (half pumpkin pie half gingerbread cookie--oooh yeah, looove Fall food!) (160 cals)

-the other 1/2 of the pizza (375 cals)
-1 mini sesame ball with red bean paste (60 cals?)

-chobani peach nonfat greek yogurt with fiber one on top (soo good, now I see why Chobani is so popular among bloggers. Stoked I finally found it! Usually I don't like flavored yogurt either) (200 cals)

-a few low-fat cinnamon graham crackers topped with pumpkin cream cheese (130 cals)
-organic honeycrisp apple (80-ish cals)

I've always been a honey graham girl, but decided to give the cinnamon a shot. Good choice!