Thursday, September 10, 2009

September 9

September 9

-wrap made with herb chicken, light garlic & herb laughing cow cheese, mustard, and a high fiber tortilla (the tortilla is bigger than my head and still only 100 cals)
-yolplait raspberry cheesecake light yogurt (not v. good)
-tons of water
-a few sips of iced tea (before my mom accidentally dropped it on the floor)
-one coffee hard candy

-tall coffee pumpkin frappuccino (no whip. I didn't know they make them light tho, I would have asked for that. Boo to twice the calories for nothing)

-2 bbq chicken drumsticks made in the crock pot (first time I made them. pretty good!)
-a lil dill potato salad
-baked beans
-green beans
-more water

-fiber one strawberry chocolate granola bar

-smart one's pizza bites

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