Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September 15

September 14

-1/2 cup oat bran mixed with pumpkin pie filling (they were out of plain pumpkin at the store--all 4 shelves, apparently) and one tsp of maple peanut butter

I've got to start using 1/3 cup, the suggested 1/2 cup single serving is too big. This was really good. I first tried it sans pb and it was a little bland, but just a touch of pb did the trick. I'm not sure why I think oatmeal/oat bran is boring until a lil nut butter is added and then it's one of my fave meals ever. I guess they just go together :-P. It took me awhile to eat though. I had to finish the second half around 1:00.

-texas pecan flavored coffee (16 oz) (from central market. super tasty. Could have been a little stronger, but it's not its fault it isn't a dark roast lol)

-one bite of a ghiradelli chocolate (disgusting. the crisp flavor. couldn't finish half of the one square)

when I wasn't eating I was working...a lil bit. :-P

Isn't reorganizing oh-so-fun? *eye roll* lol

OK, back to food!

-a few bites of a side salad (veggies, tofu, beans, cottage cheese, tiny drizzle of ranch)

-the rest of the side salad

-fiber one mocha bar

-barilla plus spaghetti (high in fiber, protein, and omega-3) with chicken in a lemon/butter/artichoke heart sauce (I used half real butter and half smart balance light)

I probably could have waited another hour or two for dinner, but it was already kinda late, so I just served myself when I served everyone else and went with it.

So even though I've basically been eating or drinking every hour, it seems to be fine calorie/portion wise, if even a little low. It's a little inconvenient/annoying, but I'll take low-cal and still satisfied over high cal and unhealthy any day! Plus, I was full all nite. Finally. *knock on wood*

I also had 2 liters of plain water and a 3rd liter mixed with 1 packet of emergen-c. Woohoo.

x 2 (well, refilled w/ the Ozarka water cooler :-P. we have one @ work and one @ home)

I feel super run down though. Kind of tired, kind of weird. Somber, maybe. I don't know why. Just a little drained. Hopefully I can call it an early-ish nite (aka before 3 am *sigh*). Off to make a cup of Stash acai berry tea...

In my fave mug. Darn chip tho :(


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