Monday, September 14, 2009

September 13

September 13

-a few bites of a pineapple-coconut muffin (kinda dry)
-water with lemon
-a few small bites of potato w/ ketchup(not really into the breakfast potatoes lately)
-a few bites of a caprese egg white omelet (meh)
-small grapefruit juice
-2 or 3 bites of my dad's cottage cheese

Not the best choice & I got a stomachache again. I really should stop eating eggs, but it's hard! I had really wanted the stuffed french toast, but aside from it being a fattier choice, I only wanted it if I had coffee with it and I drank my coffee before breakast today (we had about 15 min to wait for a table and they offer free coffee to waiting patrons), so that was a no go and I couldn't think of anything else! Well, I considered trying their buckwheat oatmeal, but it seems kinda silly to order oatmeal at a restaurant. I guess it's worth a try sometime?

-small bowl of crispix with skim milk

Since I barely ate at breakfast I got hungry again fairly quickly. I'll probably need another snack soon after, too.

-small strawberry-banana fruit smoothie (which took me like 2 hours to drink for some reason. At first it kinda hurt my stomach)

-whole wheat roll

-turkey with a little dressing, cranberry sauce, and natural gravy
-broccoli w/ a lil cheese sauce

ate it all at once & wasn't even that full really. What's wrong with me?? Usually I'd eat half and be stuffed. Hmm.

-a slice of coconut meringue pie
-diet hot chocolate (only 25 cals. I thought it'd be horrible, but it's really good and I made it with water, 'cause I used the last of the milk this morning. I think I read that it has as much calcium in the packet as a glass of milk anyway. Crazy)

Random, but last nite I was wearing peppermint chapstick while I drank my hot choc and it tasted like mint hot chocolate lol. I don't really like mint that much (aside from gum, kinda), but it was interesting :)

-chicken and artichoke lean pocket

I tried not to, but I was too hungry. I went downstairs to make my lunch for tomorrow and had to get something to eat and this was the first thing I saw (besides more cereal lol). Of course I made it too hot and spilled it on my chest and literally burned a piece of skin off. Oww.

& ugh, so much for making my lunch. A ton of ants have somehow made their way on top of our stove. WTF? :( Gross. That's where I usually prepare food, so I hightailed it out of there. I already have 3 ant bites from god knows where that I got a few days ago that making me miserable. Guess I'll have to stop by the Central Market salad bar before work....

Also, I have really fallen off the healthy/clean eating/insert whatever here wagon. I MUST start eater lower cal/better :-\. I think if I don't start with a good, hearty breakfast I set myself up to do bad the rest of the day. Even though I ate breakfast today, it wasn't substantial it seems. I'm excited for tomorrow's though, hoping I have time to make it and the ants stay away...


p.s. @ some point I also had an emergen-c too :)

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