Saturday, September 12, 2009

September 10-11

September 10

-cranberry juice mixed with club soda
-a few big gulps of aloe vera Kombucha
-2 pieces of bruschetta on ezekiel bread

-a few bites of the penne pesto salad I made for dinner
-healthy choice pumpkin ravioli meal (not so good. I've always hated healthy choice meals, but every time they come out with new products I have to try them, even tho they're never any better. This time it was from their all natural line, at least. and the ravioli was OK, I just wasn't a huge fan of the sauce or chunky, watery side veggies. Don't think I'd buy again)

-fiber one bar

-pork tenderloin with sauteed mushrooms on top
-pesto pasta salad
-a few green beans (like 90% were gone by the time I got to them :-P)
-small glass of organic red wine

-half a serving of blueberry cobbler with a dollop of ben & jerry's (melted) marizpan ice cream on top

-smartfood honey popcorn clusters

I still wanted more of something sweet, but wanted to get some fiber/nutrition of some sort into it

-mug of chocolate hazelnut Stash tea

-pretzel crackers, a kraft single, and mustard (one of my fave ghetto snacks lol, but it was gross tonite for some reason)

Yep, still perma-hungry :(. My Mom said she is too, and she's normally a super small eater. Strange. She think it's because mercury is in retrograde, whatever that means LOL who knows.

It was kinda weird/random too..when I smelled the feta cheese (idk why lol but I just did) it smelled like vinegar even tho it wasn't expired and tasted fine. Then, when I was eating the mustard at nite it had a STRONG vinegar taste. I know mustard is mostly vinegar, but still. I LOVE mustard and I'd used this bottle plenty of times and never thought it was off-tasting before. *shrug*

September 11

-high fiber oatmeal with a tablespoon of banana flavored peanut butter (I love oatmeal so much, idk why I quit eating it)
-aloe kombucha

I was hungry again at 2, but then the hunger tapered off for a couple hours. I probably could have even waited 'til 5 or 6, but I knew I was going out for drinks at 6 and didn't think I should wait that long to eat something again.

-a tiny bit more than half of a homemade chicken wrap (the second half was soggy, yuck)
-one coffee hard candy
-water (from 1:30pm-4:30pm...30+ oz)

-about half a serving of nonfat honey greek yogurt (it was ok, I'll give it one more chance, but the honey was thin and a weird color)

-one pomegranate martini
-one vodka soda with 2 slices of lime
-lobster pizza (most of it *shame* it was appetizer size and thin crust, but still no bueno)
-1 piece of bread with crab dip
-about 5 or so chips w/ brie dip
-2 sips of a margarita
-2 glasses of water

I gave up trying to take pics in there after this result :-P

stressful day at work=much needed happy hour. I had a coupon for that lobster pizza to be free, unfortunately you had to buy an entree as well and we didn't know and only bought appetizers. Oh well, their happy hour appetizers are half price anyway, so it was alright. We had 3 appetizers (2 lobster-based and 4 drinks in total. The bill was about $45....$30 of which came from the drinks :-x. Nobody said boozin' came cheap :)

-skinny cow vanilla cone

-6 oz skim milk hot chocolate

We were out of hot chocolate packets, so I concocted something of my own.

still drinking lots of water. not too perma-hungry today, so that's good. Still a lil bit, but it was more off & on and not as dire lol.


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