Saturday, September 26, 2009

Free Stuff!

Kelly, our very own Happy Texans, blogged about free samples & I took the idea and ran with it for my page. Check it out if you like free stuff and getting mail (and really, who doesn't?)


September 24-25

September 24

-1/4 cup steel cut oats w/ pumpkin pie filling and banana flavored pb

-cocoa almonds

-ff organic yogurt, strawberries, fiber one

-shaved ice

-tortilla chips and black bean dip
-seafood soup (lobster, halibut, shrimp, scallops, and more)
-2 glasses red wine

-chocolate flan (not as good as it usually is)

September 25
-grilled chicken sandwich (mmm love Chocolate Angel so much)
-side pasta salad
-iced tea

(too full to eat the side salad)

-half order of mussells in red sauce
-bread to dip
-vodka soda
-3/4 of a small mojito

-spinach and artichoke lean pocket

-holey donuts glazed donut with chocolate hazelut spread I put on top

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September 17 + 22-23

I know the dates below are skipping around, but these are the days I ate at home. Still working on my "vaca" post, but didn't want to get even further behind!

September 17

-yoplait light yogurt (not as good as they used to be. prob not buying again)
-fiber one mocha bar


(my mom ate about 1/2, maybe 3/4)

-half a tuna wrap

-hazelnut rice crackers
-1.5 tbsp hummus
-large iced tea

My Mom doesn't bring her own lunch to work, so she asked me to keep her company while she picked up a sandwich. My cousin (the one who had the baby)'s b-day was Sept 9 and she invited us over that nite, so we stopped while we were out to get her a gift. Of course we had to pick something up for ourselves too :). My Mom offered to buy mine =-o. Very generous of her! I got the gold and silver ring, 'cause I thought it matched nicely w/ my diamond grad one. Whatcha think?

Yeah, yeah, yeah I'm a sparkle whore!

On the way to my cousin's we were supposed to pick up dinner, but my Mom insisted she knew where she was going, even after I told her I was 100% sure I was right. Surprise, surprise...I was right. And there were no others places for us to stop on the way, ugh. My cousin and her bf insisted it was fine, so after visiting and holding the baby for an hour my Mom and I decided on Olive Garden.

-chicken gnocchi soup (errr about 1.5 bowls)
-cappellini pomodoro (about 1/2?)

-red velvet cupcake (good!)
-2 bites of strawberry cupcake(frosting too sweet, cake good)
-diet root beer (disgusting. eff splenda)

September 22

-piece of "real" beef jerky
-annie's honey bunnies

(my dog was sad she couldn't have some, I think she thought it was a pig ear dog treat LOL)

-part of a kashi go lean meal (mostly just ate the plantain part)

I just don't seem to be a fan of Kashi frozen meals. Boo. I searched for this one for over a year and lemme tell ya...not really worth the wait. *shrug*

-fiber one caramel bar

-bite of coconut fudge

-small bowl of spaghetti (barilla plus) with extra lean turkey meat sauce
-side salad (mixed herbs, tomato, crispy tortilla strips, ranch)
-organic red wine

-chocolate whole grain trader joe's cereal

-another small bowl of spaghetti

-about 1/4 of a giant pecan divinity

I'm so off track it's not even funny....

September 23

-faux chicken parm sandwich
-thomas kemper sugar cane root beer
-chocolate coconut fudge

I ate this instead of making one of my Kashi pizzas. It ended up being about the same calories anyway, oops. Oink oink. And to think I'm concsciously trying to cut back on sugar. Only, as you can tell, this time I threw that out the window. AGAIN. Oy.

snack plate (all the ones I've seen on blogspot lately had me jealous, so I had to whip one up of my own!):
-organic nectarine (not v. good)
-organic strawberries (delish)
-spinach artichoke spread (excellent)
-fancy goat cheese flavored w/ some stuff (olives, tomatoes, etc. i think) (really good)
-a lil white cheddar
-a little sourdough bread
-a little french baugette
-2 small dolmas
-glass of organic red wine

LOL that looks like a huge list

My Mom and I had a lil "fight" (not really, just something stressful..long, private story) right before she went to the store. It wasn't a big deal, but I guess she felt bad, because she came back with a smorgashboard of food. All I requested was a sourdough baugette and some herb goat cheese, but she came back w/ those + a french baugette, fancy spinach dip, white cheddar, dolmas, and a cute apron for me with cherries all over. She also got some almond crusted tilapia for me to heat up for dinner. I already overindulged on my snack plate, but a little later I'm thinking I'll heat that up and throw it over some mixed greens with tomatoes and ranch. Yum.

After catching up on my blogs (and some new ones) I'm really determined to eat cleaner/better. Not necessarily low-fat or low-cal (although I still want to watch my cals), but I want to eat REAL food. Instead of fiber one bars maybe I'll make my own or eat larabars or something, I need to get back on the oats train, start snacking on fruits and veggies, eating more (super satisfying) nut butters again, more salads, lean proteins, and "cleaner" desserts (and less of them). I always say that food tastes better AND makes you feel and look better, so why do we all stray so often? And I need need need NEED to start moving more.

This is a rant for another time, but I went to the regular grocery store yesterday (i.e. not a whole foods or anything) and it ALWAYS leaves me in a bad mood. They don't sell FOOD they sell chemicals and preservatives. UGH.

-side salad (mixed greens, tomato, and cucumber--all organic, topped with natural ranch & southwestern tortilla crisps)

-small piece of almond-crusted tilapia
-sauteed patty pan squash

-a bit more of the pecan divinity

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Back Home....For A Lil While

I spent the weekend in some small town an hour south of Houston. Reconfirmed that I am so NOT a small town girl (not that I ever had any doubts), but it was OK to get away for the weekend. My brother's girlfriend goes to college there, which is why we went. Food was a disaster, sort of. Mostly on the day we drove the 6 hours there and back. I will update with pics and stories soon. Then, next Monday I'm off for a week to Salt Lake City and Montana. Will try to update as much as possible while there, but no promises.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

September 16

September 16

-yoplait light white chocolate strawberry yogurt
-fiber one mocha bar

I slept in and barely had time to shower let alone make oat bran. Boo. I think eating anything asap helps, but it's not quite the same.

-hazelnut rice crackers (so freaking good)

-iced tea x 1.5
-3 sips of my brother's pink lemonade (too thick/sweet)
-thai shrimp lettuce wrap appetizer
-2 bites of my brother's bbq beef (so good) and 2 or 3 of his super thin fries (meh)

We ate at BJ's for lunch. Too hungry to wait 'til we got home and I didn't make a lunch. I think I made a good choice. I was still hungry after, but not too bad. While it was probably high in sodium, it basically just consisted of veggies and grilled shrimp. Not bad.

-small plain shaved ice

-about 1/8 lb turkey & black bean burger mexican-style (lean ground turkey mixed with spices and whole black beans on a small white bun topped with mustard, a sprinkle of skim cojita cheese, a sprinkle of all natural monterey jack cheese, light sour cream, and guacamole)
-bbq grill beans
-half of a pickle

-25 calorie hot chocolate
-half a bag of coconut m&m's

-a few bites of the tuna salad I made for lunch tomorrow
-a few grapes
-3 hazelnut rice crackers
-a chocolate peanut butter chip flavored rice cake