Monday, August 31, 2009

My Friends Say I Should Act My Age...What's My Age Again? What's My Age Again?

Oh yeah I forgot to tell you two kinda funny, random stories about my age/looks. I know I look young, but c'mon.

So today I was at Sam's Club with my Dad. You know how they have samples set up on Sunday's, so you can try random products they try to push? Well, they always seem to have yogurt and today was no different. I went to grab one and as I turned to walk away the lady was like "WAITTTT, are you 15?" I was like wtf? I know their signs say children must ask their parents if they can take a sample, but where did 15 come from? It was really weird. My Dad was behind me when I first went to get the sample, but he didn't want any, so he went down a nearby aisle and she saw that, was just...weird lol. I was like "Um, I'm 24..." and she's like "oh ok, well man you are LUCKY then." I'm just like uh huh....and walked away lol. I'm surprised she didn't try to ID me. Only I would get (verbally) IDed for one spoonful of yogurt! LOL

And on Saturday nite at the pizza place we had to wait like 15 min for a table, so my Mom and I got drinks at the bar to pass some time. My Mom ordered first, then she ordered for me (because she was closest to the bar and it was really packed/loud). I was paying for us both, so I gave the bartender my credit card & at the last second, after looking like he was kinda second guessing my age all of a sudden, asked for my ID too (and pretended to threaten my Mom to see hers. So lame lol-no offense to my Mom!). I know they still have to ask if they aren't sure, but it was kinda weird how he did it.

ANYWAY, that's not the really strange part. So a few minutes later we get seated, order, etc. The waitress asks if my Mom & I want refills when she takes everyone's drink orders and we say later when our food comes, just bring us water for now. Well, when we order the food I ask for a glass of prosecco instead (I was drinking red sangria before, and it was obvious that's what it was) and she IDed me. As I'm holding an alcoholic beverage AND she'd already offered to get me another one of those. As my friend Mer said on my facebook, I guess I got younger between the time I ordered drink one and drink two lol.

August 30

Here's a random pic I took yesterday. The flash was on way too bright, but oh well lol. My mascara looked awesome, but you can't really tell.

August 30

-one egg over medium, one bite of potatoes with ketchup, one bite of large honey bran muffin, one bite of smoked ham, small apple juice, coffee, water a la Mimi's Cafe.

We thought they stopped serving breakfast at noon every day. Well, we finally found out that they serve breakfast all day every day! They do quit serving a couple things after noon, but nothing we generally get, and even then they serve those things 'til 2pm on the weekends. Good to know. I won't kill myself to get up at 10:30 to get ready when I don't have to :-P. LOL I'm pathetic.

-grapefruit sparkling water

-grapefruit sparkling water
-2.5 slices leftover pizza
-1 bite of red velvet cupcake

After the first slice and a half of pizza I was fine, but I decided to heat up the last slice, since I was still a little hungry and right after I finished it I got terrible acid reflux. I took a digestive enzyme which helped a little, but my stomach was messed up all nite. I was supposed to go to the office to fix an old, out-of-date file, but I got super sick RIGHT as I was about to go. Grr. At least I didn't throw up, but I came close. Sorry, tmi.

I got hungry again around 10:30, but was too scared to eat for fear of a second bout of acid reflux. Although I think the sparkling water was part of the cause earlier (mainly the acidity and yeast of the pizza, but I don't think the "soda" carbonation helped...), I slowly sipped on a ginger ale.

The carbonation did make me feel a little bleh again, so I only drank like 1/4 of a can. At midnite I switched to (plain) water & a little dry cereal (Honey Kix. it's new. The original is probably better imo, the honey is a littttle too sweet, but it's still tasty).

I'm so on edge about Big Brother. Is it Thursday yet? If Jeff and Jordan are officially broken up I'm gonna be so upset! Ughh. A Big Brother miracle is in order! Hey, stranger things have happened. *fingers double crossed*

OK, I gotta go pack my lunch for tomorrow pretty soon. I'm gonna try really, really hard to only eat out on weekends. Wish me luck.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

August 29

August 29

-2 slices of TrulyJess' (from Youtube) Bruschetta (I made it with a chopped heirloom tomato on ezekiel bread topped with basil, oregano, garlic powder, fat free feta crumbles, and a dollop of pesto & cooked in oven @ 400 degrees for 12 minutes)

Really really good! I gotta make this for my dad, I think he'd like it a lot. I was full after I ate it, but I got a little hungry an hour later. If i was gonna make this for a long lasting meal I'd probably add a small salad and/or a piece of fruit or something like that on the side, but I wasn't dying of hunger or anything. The whole thing was under 200 calories anyway, so it wouldn't hurt to add a little something, but either way...good stuff!

-a few sliced organic strawberries (4-5 maybe?)

-small strawberry guava fruit chiller from Frullati

I wish they used fresh fruit, but their drinks are just so good.

-red wine sangria (the first half tasted just like grapefruit juice & the second half just like pineapple juice)

-tons of italian salad
-2.5 slices peta pizza with balsamic chicken (regular cheese pizza topped with a few dollops of goat cheese, arugula, pine nuts, some tomato vinagerette salsa thing, a few portabella mushrooms...)
-glass of prosecco

We tried this new (to us. it opened like 2 years ago) pizza place called Fireside Pies. It wasn't as good as Grimaldi's, but still really good. I wasn't a huge fan of the tomato vinagerette though. It was good in general, but I don't think it worked with the pizza. I wanted to try one of the fancier/more gourmet pizzas and I like all of those toppings, but it was a little fussy/overwhelming together. A lot of competing tastes. I'll still enjoy the leftovers, but I do think next time I'll just want to try the plain pizza (cheese and tomato sauce) & add ricotta and that's it. The salad had some salami on top that was cooked up like bacon. Normally I hate both bacon and salami, but the crispiness was really nice. I liked it a lot. I still have room where I could eat, but I'm glad I didn't stuff myself. It was really expensive, so I don't think it will become a regular place, but it's a fun change. The ambiance was really nice too, though really loud.

-grapefruit sparkling water x 2 (well I had the first can like an hour before that, but whatever)

Not tooo bad of a day considering the heavy dinner. I'm estimating that I ate around the ballpark of 2,000 calories. Not terrible, although the vast majority of that was just in one meal. That part's not so good lol. I'm not sure though, it could be closer to 1,800 calories, even better, but you never know for sure with restaurants.

I think after I post this I'm gonna grab another sparkling water (I'm addicted...). I also had a little over a liter of regular water today too.

OH and I picked up my second graduation present ring today. I got it re-sized to be a little bigger and now it's too big. I'm gonna feel like such a douche when I have to take it back AGAIN, but oh well, I guess that's why we paid extra for the protection plan. It's really pretty:

The one I showed you before is being re-sized now. I wonder if I'll ever have them both at home at the same time :-P


August 25-28

August 25

-raspberry white chocolate oat muffin
-apple slices

-pesto chicken wrap with spinach and mustard on brown rice tortilla
-tart frozen yogurt with toppings (mostly just a lil strawberry & kiwi, but also a bite of cookie dough, bite of cheesecake, bite of vanilla chunks)

-half serving of whole grain wheat thins
-single serving of barney's almond butter

8:30pm-ish, I think? (all from Pei Wei)
-1.5 chicken lettuce wraps
-a little pad thai w/ chicken and tofu
-mandarin orange iced green tea x 2
-fortune cookie

-a little more pad thai (gave me acid reflux)

A little less than a liter of water :(

August 26

-animal crackers (in hospital waiting room)

-half of a pecan divinity candy
-a few bites of salad with ranch
-avocado burger with fries (ate half of the burger at a time on 2 diff occasions a couple hours apart, fries only the first time and only a few)

-small Sonic ocean water (sprite mixed with blue coconut flavoring. I just wanted to try it)
-2 veggie spring rolls from Panda Express (wasn't even hungry, idk why I did that)

-2 vegan cookies

CRAP eating day. I was on my feet at the hospital for about 8 hours & food didn't take top priority, but I felt crappy and acidy all day. Yuck. I couldn't get a cheeseburger craving off my mind, but I think that was partially the lethargic-ness talking. We tried this cute-ish diner called Rock-n-Rogers. I wanna try their breakfast sometime. It's modeled after a 50's style diner, kinda fun. We didn't even get to eat until probably 6 pm? Aside from the small vending machine snack. Looong day.

August 27

-spicy nacho doritos (gross)
-raspberry white chocolate muffin
-other half of pecan divinity
-lime seltzer

Ate this (more like shoved in my face) on the way to the office, little did I know we were picking up lunch soon after. Ugh I wouldn't have had any of that crap.

-a few bites of blackened tilapia
-a few bites of broccoli with cheese
-most of a side of collard greens (too salty)
-whole wheat roll dipped in the cheese sauce meant for the broccoli
-iced tea

I wasn't hungry by then, but needed a little real food in my stomach, even if it was still from a restaurant (Luby's). Ironically, the only thing I could finish was the roll and I didn't even want bread in the first place.

-giant plain frozen yogurt with lots of toppings (strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, yogurt chips, vanilla chunks, cookie dough, cheesecake bites, one bite of brownie) (wayyy too much)

-2 lean turkey meat tacos with guacamole, heirloom tomato, & spinach in white corn hard shells
-55 calorie beer

-cupcakes (half a red velvet, half of a wedding cake, half of a coconut vanilla) (from this new place called Dimples. They're not opened yet, so they are selling cupcakes all over the city in a van & they post where they are on facebook and twitter. it's cool. the guys running it are super nice. The cupcakes are REALLY good, and for the first time ever I actually like the cake part better than the frosting. Extra moist and tasty. We bought 4 and they gave us 3 free! One of the guy's said he was gonna give us 2, but somehow we ended up with 7 total).
-lime sparkling water

August 28

-clif kids honey graham energy bar
-lotsa water

-chicken pesto wrap with spinach in brown rice tortilla
-a few bites of salad (spinach, strawberries, a couple cashews, olive oil/lemom juice/honey) (but mostly I just ate the strawberries and threw the rest out 'cause I was full)
-more water

-Chili's honey mustard guiltless grill salmon & veggies
-16 oz (well I drank about 15 oz) Sam Adams beer
-a little more water

-cupcake (half wedding cake, half vanilla coconut)

-bbq pop chips
-2 small pluots
-smart water (a little over a liter)

Yeahhh we need to grocery shop. BAD. I wanted to make pesto and feta pasta salad or have some kind of protein, but didn't think I needed that hearty of a 1 am snack :-P. Maybe lunch tomorrow....


Welcome to the World, Kendyll Nicole

Here's why I haven't been around for a couple days...

On August 26th my cousin finally had her baby via c-section, after being in the hospital for 2 days. They finally gave her a c-section around 4pm. It was pretty horrible and they treated her pretty crappy (they were nice and all, but they let her suffer until the baby was put in distress and Nicole, my cousin, had a fever. Not good). She was due August 19th, but was stubborn about coming out! Prior to that everyone thought she'd be early, maybe even get here around August 5th, but she took her sweet time.

Here's what she looks like just 10 minutes after birth (she was 7 lbs 14 ounces & 20 inches long):

She kept sticking her tongue out lol, but i don't think anyone got a pic of that.

Here's my Mom with her yesterday afternoon:

you can see Nicole and my aunt in the background. And the arm of the daddy lol
and her other grandma on the far right

& me with her yesterday:

Finally, from today:

I'm not a baby person, but she is pretty cute!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August 24

August 24

-2 small pluots & 1 medium aprium
-lime seltzer

I tried not to eat before bed, but got tooo hungry and happened to be in the kitchen, and well, you know. At least it's just fruit! mmm. I was up 'til like 5am anyway.

Which means....I slept 'til 2 again. UGH so tired of that. I may have to start using an alarm again even if I don't have to be anywhere.

around 3:00pm
-1/2 of an oatmeal chocolate chip vegan cookie
-1/2 of chocolate chip walnut vegan cookie

Today the walnut one was better for some reason, but both are still delisssh.

-lean turkey sloppy joe
-cranberry almond smartfood popcorn
-the last of the berry seltzer
-can of lime seltzer

7:30ish? 8 maybe? while making dinner
chocolate coconut raw revolution bar (altho it's called a raw food bar, it's only 82.2% raw..random percentage lol)

-1/2 pesto chicken salad wrap with brown rice tortilla & spinach with a lil mustard
-small bowl of homemade mexican chicken & pepper soup (I used 5 or 6 different kinds of peppers) with white beans
-select 55 beer (the new 55 calorie beer from Budweiser. I hate Bud, but for being that low-cal it wasn't half bad)

-1/2 a small homemade raspberry white chocolate chip muffin made with oat flour and local honey (I also put in oats, hulled hemp seeds, and flax seeds) (another inspiration from Embracing Balance's blog. YUM).

11:00 (I'm always hungry at 11 now I've noticed)
-small aprium

I'll have to take a pic of the prettier muffins tomorrow LOL I picked the ugly squished one here

-acai berry stash tea with lemon juice

Yeah pretty much carb central as usual these days. Lots of homemade stuff, though. And good ingredients. I sure cooked up a storm this evening. I've been doing pretty good calorically for over a week now. I'm on a much better track and it feels good. My neck (and shoulders) started randomly hurting again pretty bad tho, which has now turned into a headache. At least I get a massage tomorrow. I think I may have pulled something? Not sure. Nothing major though.

I went grocery shopping today at Newflower again, it had been awhile. I wanted to go there for their pesto chicken salad, but I don't think they make it anymore. I was pissed! I bought a container of pre-made pesto (all natural and all that at least) for like six dollars (for only 3 servings) + a chicken breast to make my own. I used to pay around $2.50 for it to be pre-made I think? Maybe $3 or 4, but not $9+! The batch I made was still really good, but that's not the point :-P. Ah well, I have pesto leftover too, so that might made a good pasta one nite.

& dammit I forgot I ate the raw food bar, so I let myself have more calories than I should have since I wasn't counting the 280 in the bar. I knew I should have gone for the 100-cal bar, but noo. I'm still only around 1750 cals for the day, but I've been aiming for 1500 max.

I'm supposed to get up around 11:30am tomorrow and it's already 2:40am here and I'm not even tired. Oy.

I just realized I don't think I drank any plain water today. That's not good at all...