Saturday, June 27, 2009

More eats

Still not doing the greatest

-turkey and cheese on light english muffin (240 cals)

-bbq baked kettle chips (120 cals)

-cherries (45 cals)

-3 lemon holey donut holes (125 cals)

-one dark chocolate square (25 cals)

-1/2 banana oreo holey donut (110 cals)

-1/4 glazed holey donut (40 cals)

-peach iced tea (0 cals)

-handful trail mix (40 cals?)

-grilled chicken with ranch (450 cals?)

-fries (400 cals?)

-2 vodka sodas w/ extra lime (130 cals)

tentative total: 1725 calories

Sorry no pics



Friday, June 26, 2009

June 25 Eats

-leftover polenta with tomato sauce, goat cheese, & herbs (250 cals?)

-english muffin goat cheese & herb pizza (200 cals?)

-fruit salad (blackberries, cherries, lychees) (90 cals?)

-medium diet cherry limeaid (0 cals)

-spicy tuna sushi roll (290 cals?)

-2 small blueberry mojitos (about 300 cals?)

-cup of mediterranean seafood soup (150 cals? would be less, but it had a lil pesto in it)

-small portion of grilled red snapper on a bed of lemon flavored spinach (250 cals?)

-a few potato bites (100 cals?)

-1.5 servings of a small chocolate-espresso profiterole dessert with hazelnuts (3.5 2-bite servings) (350 cals?)

-venti nonfat dry cappuccino from Starbucks (110 cals)

tentative total: 2090 calories

I'm a lil bit out of control! *shakes head*

I wish I had taken photos of my dinner. Went to a lovely, upscale-ish seafood restaurant tonite and the food presentation was pretty nice. I felt awkward busting out my camera though. Oh well.

I weighed myself the other day. I WAS down approx. 6.5lbs this month, but the scale showed I was back up 3lbs. This morning I was down 1 again, despite not changing my eating habits for the better. Who knows what the next weigh in will bring. Must get this under control. Especially because I've been eating at home WAY more, so there is no reason for this. It's been some good eats tho :) and not tooo big of a gain, but any gain is just heading backwards, so ya know. Gotta be careful.



Thursday, June 25, 2009

Haven't been doing so well.....

June 19

-blueberry soy yogurt (150 cals)

-banana juice box (35 cals)

-salad with chicken (200 cals?)

-flax chips & salsa (about 150 cals)

-pork chop in mushroom & wine sauce with brown rice (350 cals?)

-small gelato (approx. 150 cals)

-lots of random bites of crap (some fruit, some chocolate..) (200 cals?)

-about one serving of baked kettle chips (120 cals)

tentative total: 1355 calories

June 20

-big bowl of (mediocre) fruit (125 cals?)

-about 3/4 of a chicken salad wrap (250 cals?)

-grilled cheese, side salad, and tomato soup plate (800 cals?)

-turkey and cheese wrap (275 cals?)

-rice pudding with a bite of chocolate (120 cals?)

-2 wine flights (each flight=approx. 1 glass) (about 200 cals)

-few handfuls popcorn from theatre w/ no butter or salt (250 cals?)

-about half a serving baked kettle chips (60 cals)

tentative total: 2080 calories

June 21

-brunch buffet (guessing seriously like...2000 cals? yikes. including 2.5 cocktails)

-veggie corn dog (170 cals)

-half serving of baked kettle chips (60 cals)

-mango and cantaloupe (50 cals?)

tentative total: 2280 calories

exercise: 18 minute kettlebell intro dvd

June 22

-2 eggs over medium (140 cals)

-100 calorie high fiber english muffin with apple butter (140ish cals)

-jasmine green tea (0 cals)

-1 vanilla blueberry probiotic bar (100 cals)

-1 hoegaarden beer (175 cals)

-about 3 glasses of wine (300 cals)

-crab dip with a few high fiber crackers (250 cals?)

-spinach and artichoke bites (about 150 cals)

-greek side salad (200 cals?)

-2 kabobs with steak/shrimp/veggies (about 250 cals?)

-1 kabob with only veggies (40 cals?)

-small baked red potato with fat free plain yogurt and chives (170 cals?)

-2 bites of a vitabrownie made w/ black beans (60 cals?)

-another 1/2 english muffin w/ apple butter (the apple butter is so effing good!) (about 75 cals?)

-bengal spice tea (0 cals)

tentative total: 2050 calories

June 23

-polenta with cheese and marinara (about 200 cals)

-spinach salad with blueberries, strawberries, pecans, and a liiitle olive oil/honey/lemon juice/agave nectar dressing (about 200 cals?)

-part of a coffee cake muffin(150 cals?)

-1.5 arnold palmers (iced tea mixed with lemonade) (150 cals?)

-1 delicious cappuccino (150 cals?)

-bbq chicken wrap with side salad (800 cals?)

-veggie soup (60 cals)

-few bites of a turkey sandwich w/ only 1 side of bread (100 cals?)

-bread pudding and apple crisp (450 cals?)

tentative total: 2260 calories

June 24

-turkey and cheese on an english muffin with spinach, light mayo, and lots of mustard (about 220 cals)

-half serving of baked kettle chips with salsa (about 70 cals)

-about half a serving of peach kefir (80 cals)

-1 apple (80 cals)

-leftover bread pudding (about 175 cals)

-bud light lime (115 cals)

-side salad with oil (barely--just a few drops) and vinegar topped with guacamole (150 cals?)

-jocalat chocolate hazelnut larabar (190 cals)

-1 lychee (3 cals)

-panko breaded tilapia with homemade tartar sauce (230 cals?)

-green bean casserole with extra fried onions (275 cals?)

-potato wedges (200 cals?)

tentative total: 1788 calories

Friday, June 19, 2009

June 18 Food Log

-3 giant strawberries (25 cals)

-turkey salad wrap on light flatout bread (250 cals?)

-half a cup or so of peach kefir (80ish cals)

-chocolate and lemon mousse (about 230 cals?)

-side of pasta marinara with spinach (125 cals?)

-chicken sauteed in olive oil, white wine, & italian spices (225 cals?)

-4 joe joes (like oreos but all natural) with a little ff organic milk (about 300 cals)

-vanilla chai black tea (0 cals)

-sugar free jello (10 cals)

tentative total: 1245 calories

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Past 4 Days

I haven't felt well stomach-wise recently (until today, but even today I obviously don't have a huge appetite), so that's why some days my food seems limited or random.


-a few chips and a bite of kalamata olive hummus (50 cals?)

-a few bites of fruit (40 cals?)

-half a banana (45 cals)

-2 egg whites in an omelet with spinach & cream cheese (120 cals?)

-breakfast potatoes (200 cals?)

-1 cup black coffee (0 cals)

-1 joe joe cookie (60 cals)

-random bites of stuff in the kitchen (150 cals?)

-honey mustard pretzle crisps (220 cals)

-tortilla soup (300 cals?)

-chips & guac (250 cals?)

-half of a small mango frozen margarita (150 cals?)

tentative total: 1585 calories


-half a cup of greek lemon rice soup (80 cals?)

-half a side order of greek potatoes (250 cals?)

-strawberry whole fruit "popsicle" (120 cals)

tentative total: 450 calories


-kashi oatmeal with about 1 tsp pb loco banana peanut butter (a little under 250 cals)

-cup of corn chowder (195 cals)

-half of a buttermilk spice muffin (250 cals)

-few bites of salmon nicoise salad (300 cals?)

-raw almonds (150 cals?)

-a few bites of mousse trio (150 cals?)

tentative total: 1295 calories

Wednesday (today):

-7 all natural chicken nuggets (about 175 cals)

-"fancy sauce" (about 40 cals?)

-frozen french fries (175 cals)

-frozen veggies (35 cals?)

-sugar free baskin robbins ice cream in a waffle cone (275 cals?)

-few bites of turkey breast (135 cals?)

tentative total: 835 calories

I think I'm gonna go have a mug of hot tea.

It's good to be back!


Just kidding. I also had half of a chicken salad wrap + a few bites of leftover pasta. Add about 100 cals for the wrap & 75 for the pasta, bringing today's total up to 1010 calories. I probably shouldn't be eating after midnite, but I'm hungry and since I had eaten less than 1000 cals for the day, why not?

Food Pics (in no particular order)

plain frozen yogurt with triple mango (from my trip in NYC)
chicken tikka masala (from my trip in Boston @ Tantric)
egg white omelet with spinach, tomato, & feta + breakfast potatoes (from my trip in Salem @ a place called Red's w/ the sweetest waitress ever)
egg white omelet with cream cheese & spinach + breakfast potatoes + a peach + half a banana + simply oj (I only drank half then got sick) + iced coffee made with coconut milk (ditto)
plain frozen yogurt with fruit & mochi from Spoonfull in Plano (my fave fro-yo)
heated turkey, brie, & cranberry chutney sandwich with fruit & iced tea from Wildflour in Richardson
potstickers from Gordon Biersch
guacamole & salsa from Mi Cocina in Plano
sangria from Mi Cocina in Plano
mole chicken, green rice, refried beans, & salad from Mi Cocina in Plano

I thought I had more, but oh well. My friend took a lot of pics of my meals for me on our vaca. If/when he posts them on facebook I'll transfer them over here.


I'm so mad at myself for not keeping up with this! My vacation got me really off track, but that's no excuse. RAWWWWR.

I've been loosely calorie-tracking for the past 4 days, so I will update that later tonite, and I do still want to give you guys a recap about my trip...eventually. For now, I think I'll just upload all of the food/drink pics I've taken in the past 2ish weeks just to have something new to share.

Also, I have lost weight, so yay for that. Part of it has been because of acid reflux and stress though. Not the healthiest way, but as long as I can keep it off it's OK. I got my dr to switch me back to my old medicine--the new one was wrecking havoc on my body. Hopefully that means my body will readjust and feel better asap. I can already tell it's happening a little and it's only been a day or two.

Guess that's about all for now, stay tuned for a photo-heavy-ish post.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Guess who's back? Back again....

Hey guys. I'm back from my vaca. It was a lot of fun, but I was TOTALLY "off plan." Not that I have an official plan anyway, but I didn't track anything, ate copious amounts of sugar and white flour. Just...bad. I still lost approx. 4 lbs, but it obviously wasn't in a healthy way. I have let the bad habits carry back over to my home life, so I'm gonna have to put a stop to that.....NOW. I've probably already gained the weight back. Well, maybe not. But at this rate? Things aren't looking too good. 

As of tomorrow I'll be back to tracking here. I also have a big update about the trip I need to get crackin' on, but don't count on that for at least a few more days. I'm still in recovery mode. 

Love you all.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Days 60-63

Day 60

-high fiber english muffin with light organic cream cheese, lox, & kalamata olives (300 cals)

-half a cup of asparagus soup from CPK with croutons (170 cals?)

-half sized bbq chicken salad from CPK sans tortilla strips (300 cals?)

-veggie corn dog with mustard (150 cals)

-1 and 1/4 slices of CPK sicilian neopolitan pizza (350 cals?)

-iced tea (0 cals)

-chocolate truffle (80 cals)

-smartfood cranberry almond popcorn clusters (110 cals)

-steamed chicken dumplings (6) (270 cals)

-cheese wontons (2) (100 cals?)

-fried rice (part of my Mom's) (150 cals?)

-moo goo gai pan (part of an order) (175 cals?)

-veggie egg roll (100 cals?)

-veggie soup (50 cals)

-2 starbursts (40 cals)

tentatitve total: 2345 calories

Today was a rough day. In general and food-wise. I took Bella in to get spayed at 8:30 am and they said she would be ready to be picked up at 4. I was expecting noon. I barely got any sleep last nite. I decided to go into the office today--not to work, but to get a massage (idk if I've mentioned it before, but my Dad recently hired a few massueses on staff at his practice and I try to go every Friday for a 20 minute chair massage). First, I went to the mall to get bangs cut (I have a hair appt scheduled for a cut & highlight tomorrow, which I love how she does both, but I hated how she cut my bangs once, so...) and also to buy a couple bras and get my cell phone looked at. The TMobile store mysterious disappeared. UGH!! Since that was (basically) my most convenient location does that mean I can get out of my contract? :-D lol I wish....but anyway. I was nervous about Bella, nervous about how my bangs were gonna turn out (I'm really picky), etc. and my Mom wanted California Pizza Kitchen. I stayed on the light(er) side with soup & salad, but.....OK, in my Dad's entire office we have his office, the office shared by two of the part time therapists, the massage room, the room for holding files/the computer/etc (where the office manager, currently my Mom, does all of her stuff + you can see people come in from there, so she's able to still greet them blah blah and stay in her office), the back room with the mini fridge, older filing cabinets, extra supplies, and the bathroom, and finally there is the big group room in the back. My Dad seems to like to hang out the most in the group room--he even seems to see his own patients in there at least half, if not the majority of the time. Kinda weird. It has a giant table, lots of chairs, and 2 couches, but it's still kinda...more...sterile? Not as in excessively clean lol, but it's pretty plain. No real decorations or anything, it has a few dry erase boards, etc. His office is much more warm and inviting, so why he prefers that room I do not know. ANYWAY. Today of all day's he decided to use his office. BUT only after he had been using the group room first. So I ate my lunch in his office, then left mid-way thru to get my massage. When I was done he was going into his office. With my food and book/catalogs I was reading in there for an hour. GRR. So I got really hungry again and caved and ate a slice of my mom's fatty pizza. At least it was thin crust? Haha riiight. Then, I ordered healthy chinese that nite, but obviously ended up eating a lot of the crappier items too. REALLY good tho :-P.

Day 61:

-brownie high fiber gnu bar (140 cals)

-about 1/4 of a side salad with ranch (75 cals?)

-buffalo burger with cheddar on only 1 piece of bun (about 300 cals?)

-small portion of onion rings (150 cals?)

-iced tea (0 cals)

-small piece of cornbread (100ish cals?)

-1 bite of a baileys flavored cupcake (30 cals?)

-black coffee (probably about 10oz?)

-water (65ish oz)

tentative total: 795 calories

I guess my excessive eating yesterday caused my hunger to finally subside a little today. Of course, NOW I'm a bit hungry again, but I'm going to bed soon, so I won't eat.

Day 62:

-egg white veggie omelet with avocado (175 cals?)

-extra crispy potatoes w/ ketchup (300 cals?)

-english muffin half w/ jam (100 cals?)

-coffee (0 cals)

-iced tea (0 cals)

-honey smartfood popcorn clusters (110 cals)

-few bites of leftover moo goo gai pan (50 cals?)

-kashi pizza (750 cals)

-half of a baileys cupcake (150 cals?)

-veggie bites (150 cals)

-apple (80 cals)

tentative total: 1865 calories

I did a LOT of cleaning up tho (like hours), so that probably helped burn some of it off. Those Kashi pizzas are lethal. SO GOOD. I weighed myself that morning and was down almost a lb. LOL @ how I worked out last week and gained a lb and ate fried greasy crap this week and lost 1.

Day 63

-sesame chicken lean cuisine (330 cals--tho I did give some noodles to my dog, oh well)

-2 chocolate truffles (160 cals)

-grande soy latte (only drank about as much as a tall) (130 cals)

-which wich monte cristo with cheddar on wheat (can't find info, guessing 450 cals?)

-mango w/ lime juice and chili (135 cals)

-half of a vitamin water (about 100 cals--ugh i thought it was the 10 cal one)

-water (not enough) (0 cals)

tentative total: 1305 calories

I have to wake up to go to the airport in 5 hours *YAWN*

Can't wait for my trip, should be GREAT!

I also got my hair done, but I'll show you that next time.