Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 59

-banana (105 cals)

-cauliflower cheese soup (just a lil) (60 cals?)

-"side" salad w/ cottage cheese (instead of dressing) & tuna + lots of veggies (edamame, carrots, artichoke hearts, etc.) (300 cals?)

-gnu (gross) peanut butter fiber energy bar (150 cals)

-steak n shake cheeseburger (340 cals)

-steak n shake fries (450 cals)

-about half of a giant iced tea (0 cals)

-half of a tortilla pizza (150 cals)

-plain fro yo & fruit (175 cals)

-water (I think about 70 oz?)

tentative total: 1730 calories

No real exercise. AGAIN. I did work around the office and my house, only putting 1.5hrs down for my "exercise" in LoseIt, even tho it was double that or more. Just b/c I don't know how intense they consider "house cleaning." LOL. 

Also, this probably sounds weird, but I wish instead of the burger & fries I'd just gotten 2 burgers. You'd think that'd be worse or at least comparable, but the burger was SOOO good (and usually I'm not a burger person, even if I have been eating turkey/veggie burgers a lot-ish lately).& when I looked up nutrition info I found out the fries had more cals than the burger! Too bad I changed my mind about Starbucks. I was gonna go there and get an americano (0 cals) + protein power plate (330, I think), but decided I didn't need coffee, so didn't go at all. It probably would have been even more filling, but man was that burger good! :-P. I'll just blame my Mom since she picked the place. No, just kidding. I take full responsibility, but when you're hungry.....choices go a little downhill. I'm still hungry, dammit. Not that it should be any surprise, given my last few entries. 

Bella's spaying appointment is in less than 8 hrs, I'm a wreck. Not as bad as I thought I would be, but still. Keep her in your thoughts, please. I love her so much, I can't wait 'til this is over with forever and she's fine and able to run around happily. 



Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 58

(you may have to click to see full pics)

-fiber one caramel cereal with almond milk (210 cals)

-organic peach (40ish cals)

-plain fro yo with fruit (175 cals?)

-veggie corn dog with mustard (150 cals)

-a few buffalo tortilla chips (60ish cals)

-apple slices (150 cals)

-Chili's guiltless grill rare steak and veggies (370 cals)

-2 glasses of cabernet (200 cals)

-chocolate vitamuffin (100 cals)

-high fiber oatmeal (160 cals)

-kombucha (10 cals)

-water (again, not sure...85 oz, give or take)

tentitive calories: 1625 calories

I was planning to read while on the treadmill again (lol), but it's already after 1am, so that seems silly now. I guess I'll just go to bed (and by go to bed I mean get online in bed and watch tv and/or youtube videos and maybe read). I'm really good at sabotaging myself, huh? Not that I'll make a real difference in a week anyway, but it never hurts to stay on track *sigh* I'm gonna look fat on my trip *whine* I had plenty of time to do more, but noooo. According to the interwebz my body needs a little over 2,000 calories a day (some sites even say over 2,200) with no exercise to maintain my current weight, so it's not like I'm doing terrible at ALL, but obviously something is still not working. Or maybe I'm just old & can't drop weight as quickly as my 20 year old self could, even if that was only 4 short years ago. NO FAIR! What does that say about my future self?!

& to top it off I'm still starving 24-7. WTF? I thought it was due to my going to the gym, but I haven't worked out at ALL in 2 days. Ridiculous. I also prob wouldn't have eaten the oatmeal had I known I wouldn't have gone on the treadmill at all, but even tho I hadn't eaten dinner too long ago I was starving. I hate this! I had also ordered vegetable soup at Chili's to get a little more volume/fiber/liquid, but the douche waiter never brought it. I had to ask him twice for my second glass of wine and my Dad had to ask him 3 times for his lemons too. 

Man, I've barely been drinking (alcohol) lately as you can tell, but I forgot how good it is :-P. Love wine! I know you generally lose way more weight if you dont' drink at all, but uh...obviously I'm not anyway, so...everything in moderation :).



the fake lashes make a come back, lol

my new flowers. They were only $3.50! Pretty, huh?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 57

-finger sandwiches (350 cals?)

-tortilla soup (175 cals?)

-scone (150 cals?)

-fruit (50 cals?)

-ham & cheese sandwich (350 cals?)

-carrots and ranch (90 cals?)

-grapes (60 cals?)

-root beer zevia (0 cals)

-pb&j (350 cals?)

-grande iced americano w/ a splash of soy (35 cals?)

-cheese & cauliflower soup (175 cals?)

-3/4 glass milk (60 cals)

-pomegranate blueberry water (20 cals)

-water (not sure, gonna guess 60ish oz?)

tentative total: 1865 calories

What can I say? I really like soup and sandwiches lol.

I broke my little goal of not working out every day until my trip, but I was organizing my parents office all afternoon and then running errands and frankly I'm too tired. Wish I'd eaten a little better/less b/c of it, but c'est la vie. I'm still hungry to be honest. Ugh. I did weigh myself again this morning tho and I lost 2 of those lbs I gained, so that's a start. I just hope they don't come back tomorrow LOL. Stupid fluctations! I guess I'll write in "house cleaning" since office cleaning isn't an option on my iPod program, just so I don't have almost a 500 calorie (oops accidentally wrote lb first lol) overage for the day. :-P. Hey, I did clean! I actually spent 2.5 hrs doing it, but since I did take a few breaks + a lot of it wasn't too strenuous I'll put down 1.5 hrs. Seems fair lol. 

My dog is finally getting spayed on Friday and I'm sooo worried. I know it's a routine procedure, but she is my child and she's six. I hope she's OK. I'm leaving for my vacation on Tuesday morning, so I hope she's all recovered by then or else I'll feel like the shittiest person ever and have a hard time leaving. She has my brother and my parents, but still. I'm her Mom :(. I know it's for the best, but I still hate this....



Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Days 55 & 56

-nine grain bagel with cream cheese, veggies, and lox (600ish cals?)

-coffee x 2 or 3 (0 cals)

-half of a coconut cream pie lara bar (SO GOOD) (100 cals)

-strawberry "shake" that's been going around blogspot made with almond milk, strawberries, sugar free pudding mix, a pinch of xylitol, & ice (70 cals)

-half serving of (nasty) kombucha (30 cals)

-miller lite (can't believe I used to like this...) (95 cals)

-turkey cheeseburger (350 cals?)

-corn on the cob w/ butter spray (150 cals?)

-watermelon (25 cals?)

-part of a grilled chicken breast (150 cals?)

-roasted tomatos with garlic and feta with olive oil (100 cals?)

-baked beans (100 cals?)

-2 dark chocolate squares (50 cals)

-popsicle (40 cals)

-half of an orange zevia (0 cals)

-water (not sure, maybe 75 oz?) (0 cals)

tentative total: 1860 calories

Exercise: used our home elliptical, but it didn't have any batteries, so I just manually used it w/o checking miles or anything, I'd say I went light/medium intensity for 30 min. Still ate 239 calories. Stupid being hungry all the time! Prob didn't need both the chicken and turkey burger tho lol oops. 

haha don't you love how my food almost always has bite marks already?


-buffalo tortilla chips (80 cals)

-turkey cheeseburger (350 cals)

-apple slices (40 cals)

-1/2 coconut Lara bar (100 cals)

-smartfood chocolate cookie popcorn clusters (120 cals)

-lemon lime zevia (0 cals)

-pineapple (50 cals)

-tortilla crusted fish lean cuisine (330 cals)

-about 3/4 of a packaged tikka chicken masala (300ish cals worth)

-a few bites of a packaged spinach dal (about 30 cals worth?)

-a few bites of navratan korma (about 50 cals worth?)

-1/2 cup chocolate ice cream (110 cals)

-bengal spice tea (0 cals)

-water (about 100 oz? maybe more?)

tentative total: 1560 calories

Just FYI, that indian food was gross. I wish I'd just ordered take out or made it myself like I originally planned. I usually like the jarred curry sauces mixed w/ my own meats, veggies, etc. as an alternative to takeout if it comes to that, but this premade stuff? Yuck. I ate most of the tikka masala, since I was starving and it was my main "entree," but I threw the rest of the others away. At least the ice cream was good lol. Oh, and the spinach one? Totally doesn't heat in 90 seconds :-P. I had to heat them all about 4x longer than they said. AND, I had to wait like...10 min to get a damn price check on it too. Totally not worth it.

Exercise: I was too hungry to go to the gym, but wouldn't have time to go later after I digested blah blah. I wanted to do something though, so at nearly midnite I jumped on our treadmill. I decided I'd go around 2.5-3.0mph and read more of Tori Spelling's Mommywood. I know she's not very popular/liked by many, but I LOVE her. I ended up staying on the treadmill for an hour and ten minutes. My iPod says I only burned just over 200 cals Kinda disappointing it's not a little more (I went over 3 miles, c'mon! lol), but it took me from being 200+ over calories to about 20 under, so it's something. I'm happy with it. I did 2.5mph for about 40 min total, 3mph for about 25 min, & one 4.0 sprint for 5 min. 



Sunday, May 24, 2009

Days 54 & 55


-honey smartfood popcorn (110 cals)

-turkey, stuffing, cran sauce, & gravy (375 cals?)

-side salad with ranch (150 cals?) 

-spinach x 2 (130 cals)

-half piece corn bread (100 cals)

-iced tea (0 cals)

-kashi dark chocolate coconut granola bar (120 cals)

-peach (30 cals)

-tilapia with tartar sauce (400ish cals)

-broccoli (80 cals)

-whole wheat roll (170 cals)

-frozen protein shake (chocolate whey protein powder, almond milk, 1/2 tbsp flax oil, lots of ice) (about 200 cals)

-bengal spice hot tea (0 cals)

-apple cider flavored herbal tea (0 cals)

tentative total: 1865 calories

looks gross, but it was good!

exercise: elliptical (moderate intensity) for 35 min, treadmill 3mph for 5 min, weight lifting machines for 20ish min

Even with my working out my iPod Touch Loseit! ap says I ate 145 calories over my rec'd amount. I was just so hungry after working not! Not right after (tho I did drink the protein shake after), but about an hr or two later I was famished no matter how much I ate! Oh well. 


-peach (30 cals)

-frozen pasta and veggie kids meal (260 cals)

-2 chocolate hazelnut slightly stale wafer biscotti things (80 cals)

-chocolate covered sunflower seeds (65ish cals)

-trader joe's chocolates (50ish cals?)

-chocolate cookie smartfood popcorn clusters (120 cals)

-really tasty roll (200 cals)

-half piece corn bread (55 cals)

-side salad with ranch (250 cals?)

-turnip greens (sans gross bacon) (90 cals)

-squash casserole (115 cals)

-broccoli with cheese on top (75ish cals)

-banana pudding (300 cals?)

-almond milk and chocolate whey protein shake blended with ice (170 cals)

-2 hardboiled egg whites (30 cals)

-asian pear (90 cals?)

tentative total:1980 cals

UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Must. Stop. Eating. Takeout. (and sugar...). My iPod ap says I was about 250 calories over. I've been over every day this week except one. Ouch. 

exercise: 40 min elliptical (avg of 6.5mph or so), 5 min treadmill @ 3mph at incline

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Days 45-53 (about time, I know!)

Day 45

-"crack wrap" with tomato sauce (300ish cals)

-1 peach (30 cals)

-1 apriplum (apricot-plum hybrid) (guessing 25 cals?)

-1 asian pear (90 cals?)

-1 apricot (15 cals)

-spaghetti and meat sauce (400 cals?)

-water (0 cals)

-whole foods cookie (150 cals?)

tentative calories: 1010 calories

Day 46

-fiber one caramel cereal with organic fat free milk (220ish cals)

-1 2-bite sized lobster roll (200 cals?)

-homemade chips with a brie ranch dip (420 cals?)

-1 vodka soda (60 cals)

-1 glass of riesling (100 cals?)

-water (way not enough ugh, like less than 50 oz)

tentative total: 1000 calories

Day 47

-part of a side salad with ranch (125 cals?)

-most of a cup of chicken and rice soup (150 cals?)

-1 apriplum (25 cals?)

-1 peach (30 cals)

-1/2 apricot (7 cals?)

-water (not enough...less than 50 oz)

-pumpkin seeds (75 cals?)

tentative total: 412 calories

Day 48:

-chips and dip (400 cals?)

-a bite of chicken, bite of steak fajita meat (150 cals?)

-about 1/4 of a small strawberry margarita (100 cals?)

-about 3/4 of a coors light (75 cals)

-1 apricot (15 cals)

-1 container of chopped mango (100 cals?)

-water (less than 50 oz..i'm so dehydrated..)

-slice of strawberry cake (400 cals?)

-bite of flan (60 cals?)

tentative total: 1350 calories

Day 49:

-few bites of an eggwhite and spinach omelete with a little cream cheese (75 cals?)

-extra crispy potatoes with ketchup (200 cals?)

-hot tea with lemon (0 cals)

-apricot (15 cals)

-pumpkin seeds (100 cals?)

-water (maaaybe 50 oz) (0 cals)

-smoothie made with organic strawberries, spinach, blackberries, an apricot, almond milk, bee pollen, flax seeds, and flax oil (350 cals?)

tentative total: 740 calories

Day 50:

-the rest of my brother's leftover panda express (350 cals?)

-part of the leftover omelete (125 cals?)

-half a piece of whole wheat toast with superfruit jam (100 cals?)

-great outdoors turkey sandwich (365 cals)

-popsicle (40 cals)

-half container of coconut water with pineapple (50 cals)

-watermelon (75 cals?)

-apricot (15 cals)

-2ish pieces of Kashi pizza (250 cals?)

-water (maaaybe 50 oz) (0 cals)

-pumpkin seeds (100 cals?)

-charleston chews (250 cals?)

-bite of fajita meat (50 cals?)

-steamed pork bun (210 cals)

tentative total: 1980 calories 

Day 51:

-entire Kashi pizza (750 cals)

-lil bit of trail mix (50 cals?)

-buffalo wing pretzel crisps (200 cals?)

-sample of hummus (40 cals?)

-trader joe's chocolates (100 cals?)

-popsicle (40 cals)

-garden salsa sun chips (210 cals)

-rest of omelete (100 cals?)

-chocolate vitamuffin (100 cals)

-watermelon (50 cals?)

-gummy peaches (150 cals)

tentative total: 1790 calories

Day 52:

-tall caramel frappuccino light (130 cals)

-cup of tomato basil soup (250 cals?)

-3 finger sandwiches (350 cals?)

-fruit (50 cals?)

-egg whites (45 cals?)

-grilled chicken breast (250 cals?)

-goulash (200 cals?)

-sample of cream cheese danish (50 cals?)

-cranberry almond smartfood popcorn clusters (120 cals)

-water (about 75 oz?) (0 cals)

-super small iced tea (0 cals)

-small scone (150 cals?)

-banana bread (150 cals?)

tentative total: 1745 calories

Day 53:

-2 bites of cream cheese danish (100 cals?)

-fake chicken parm sandwich (340ish cals)

-bbq soy crisps (80ish cals)

-half serving of buffalo wing pretzel crisps (55 cals)

-2 tbsps red pepper hummus (45 cals)

-about 1/5th of a size small slurpee (15 cals)

-organic cottage cheese (about 150 cals worth?)

-homemade egg white omelete with edamame, red pepper, cherry tomatoes, salsa, and 2 slices of all natural turkey lunch meat (about 150 cals?)

-sample of the tuna helper i made my mom (35 cals?)

-half of a dark chocolate rocky road snickers (120 cals)

-smoothie/milkshake made with banana, chocolate almond milk, chocolate pb2, a tiny bit of real peanut butter, flax oil,dash of xylitol, lots and lots of ice (300 cals?)

-water (a little less than 100 oz) (0 cals)

tentative total: 1390 calories

exercise (from today only)= treadmill for 10 min @ 3.5mph and 5 min @ 3mph, elliptical avg of 5mph for 30 min and avg of 3mph for 5 min, walked dogs for 20ish min

Monday was the first day my chest and esophagus didn't feel like they were gonna burn right out of my body. In turn, my body was like ooh! food! calories! More! It took until today to stabilize, I think. Now I just wanna eat right and exercise every day until my upcoming trip. Not much more I can (safely) do than that....



It's good to be back! 

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I'm still around, I just started out having acid reflux every day (including today..) and wasn't motivated to post for a day or two (but I have been keeping track of everything), and then as soon as I was done with school my internet went out. Nice, huh? The main connection that's in my brother's room is fine NOW (Verizon came out yesterday) but wireless won't connect (I think Verizon broke it....UGH). I'm at a coffee shop now utilizing their free wifi. I am going NUTS. My phone has internet capabilities, but it's not the same ya know? UGH. UGH. UGH! I just bought a new wireless router hoping that would help, but idk...we'll see. 

I'll have a BIG update (albeit nothing too exciting...I did lose 3 more lbs tho) when I get back. 


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Food and (no) Exercise 44

UGH I wrote almost my entire post and my internet closed. I wish I had saved it. GRRR. That's actually what I was about to do when it crashed too. HATE THAT!

Starting over...

-high fiber oatmeal with sunflower seed butter and coconut (325 cals)

-1 apricot (15 calories) (had no idea these were so low in cals, wow)

-Chili's guiltless grill tilapia and veggies (260 cals) (it seemed bigger this time tho?)

-1 vodka soda (60 cals)

-less than 1/2 of a zevia soda (0 cals)

-water (over 100 oz) (0 cals)

tentative total: 660 calories

I know, not good. I don't feel well tho and it gets worse when I eat. I think it's partially stress and partially due to the Adderall I took this morning. Technically I'm "allowed" to take it every day, but I don't really like it since I don't think it helps me, so I haven't taken it in awhile. It's finals week tho, so I'm using it for a little extra reassurance just in case it really does help and I just don't realize how lol. Not that I want to eat this little, 'cause I don't, but I have to say usually I do like the whole appetite supressent side affect and I'm tempted to keep taking it on a regular basis, at least until my trip. Seriously tho, I really might, but only b/c I need the boost of motivation anyway for other things. IDK tho, I'll keep taking it 'til Thursday or Friday and then decide on a day-by-day basis and see. Obviously if I'm not able to get in a "safe" amount of nutrition by doing it then I'll forget about it, but usually I'm fine...I really think it is stress-related more than anything. 

It just sucks because I WOULD be having my easiest finals week EVER, but I have ONE final I am superrrrrrrrrrr anxious about, and that's really getting to me. It's for my online class and I haven't even done all (or even half...) of the reading for it. We have between today and Thursday at midnite to take it. I was going to wait, as usual, 'til Thursday nite to give me the most time to prepare, but I really want to be able to have it done by tomorrow so I can a.) sell the book back 'cause it was EXPENSIVE and I want some of that back lol (I won't be anywhere near campus for awhile after Thursday @ 3....I go to school an hour away from where I live and have NO desire to be in that part of town if I don't have to be!) and b.) how much nicer would it be to leave campus on Thursday and be DONE?! I could go out for a celebratory drink and just more stressing for days, no need to go home and cram some more and then take a test. It just seems like a better solution. Only...I kinda have to READ first lol. The test is over 6 chapters, I read the first one last nite, the second today, I'm hoping to finish at least one more tonite, altho I have to study for my Logic final that's tomorrow morning. Just...ahhh. It's gonna be such a relief to be done. I was exempt from one, I took one today, so just 3 more to go. I can do it............


Wish me luck!



Monday, May 11, 2009

Food and (no) Exercise 43

My Mom bought these for me for Mother's Day for my pets to give me LOL ;)

-fiber one caramel cereal with almond breeze milk (210 cals)

-jasmine green tea with lemon (0 cals)

-smartfood honey multigrain clusters (110 cals)

-1/2 a leftover fish taco w/ some spanish rice (175 cals?)

-small piece of leftover lasagna (250 cals?)

-spinach salad with lots of colorful veggies & organic raw pumpkin seeds (350 cals?)

-stevia-sweetened soda (0 cals)

-water (over 100 oz) (0 cals)

-charleston chew minis (200 cals)

-kumquats and strawberries (80 cals)

tentative total: 1375 calories

Awesome! So it wasn't the day one of a theoretical perfect eating week that I had hoped for, but it's mostly balanced (well, a liiitle carby...) and the perfect amount of calories. I let myself have a reasonable amount of food I craved (lasagna and chocolate), but didn't go overboard. I'm still hoping to do better as the week goes on, but not a bad start. 

No exercise. It's finals week and altho I'm not much of a studier, I am a crammer, and well, I'm a little behind :). OK, that and Monday nite TV is just too damn good to miss! Not much cramming has actually happened yet, but the nite's young :). I've already been out to buy new ink for the printer tonite, let's hope for no more mishaps.